Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cabo Girls Trip 2017!!

Headed to cabo!

We truly had the best time ever on our trip!! 
We needed one more day to have time to do 
EVERYTHING we wanted! But the days that we had together
were by far better than we could have imagined!! I love my high school
3 so much!!

The diet coke I found at the airport..
couldn't represent us 4 any better!
Representing Henderson County!!

Right when we go to our resort!
It was beautiful!

The beach was gorgeous!

Our view!

Tara and Jill!

We were ready to head to the pool!

The view from our balcony!!

Heather arrived and we got to celebrate her birthday
and Tara's "late bachelorette" LOL

Headed out to dinner!

This was our morning view, eating on our balcony!!

Crazy Tara!

All four of us moms...10 kids between us, how is that possible!

Walking to dinner...gorgeous sunset!


Land's End

Dinner on the beach with live music...perfect!

We did yoga one morning and it was incredible!!

Such professionals! ha

Lunch and margaritas on the beach!

It was perfect!

Jill and Heather on our veranda!

Jill and Bree

At the pool!

Toes in the sand!

The margaritas were delicious!!!

Cool little water fall in the pool!

View from our lunch spot!!

And our bus we had to get on b/c our plane
was two hours late! That's ok...we wanted to stay anyway!!
 It was so fun and 
we can't wait to go back!!!

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