Monday, July 31, 2017

Boys trip!!

Since I was with the girls in Cabo, 
Tanner took the boys to Perryton to see Papaw!

They went fishing! And caught some huge fish!!

They were so proud!

What a cool pic in Papaw's front yard!!

A double rainbow...

On the boat! 

And a stop by the cemetery to see sweet Granny!

My little builder

Easton loves building things, especially using his lincoln logs!

His whole compound!!

Silly Boys!!

Hunter has been sleeping with his spiderman
that talks and projects wings onto the bed!!

And Easton told me this is the proper way 
to eat a hamburger!

I mean it looks totally reasonable?!

And this is how hunter got out of the shower...
wearing my hair towel!!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Hunter Austin!!

Hunter Boo loved his letters!!

And his batman!

Can you see him back there!?!

All of the pools are ready and the slip n slide, 
thanks grandad!!

Happy Birthday!!

Hunter could not wait to open his gifts!
We barely got to eat the pizza and cut the cake!!

So excited!!

Very into all his gifts!

Queen Grand!

And princess Mom and Aunt Lindsay!

Tanner being a great dad swimming with all the kids!

Archer, Levi, Dutch, Hunter, Easton, Savanna and Piper!

Lindsay and Doll!

I'm so glad Janny and Poppy got to come!!!
Me, Jan and Jill!

Levi and Hunter doing their business!! haha

These two! I love their relationship and watching
them interact!

And I get mom of the year for not getting a cake picture, before it
was half eaten!
It was a batman/superman/spiderman cake!
Thank you cherry laurel!

I can't believe my baby is 4!!!

Hunter's Birthday Weekend!

We headed to the lakehouse for a
family birthday for Hunter Boo!
He and Savvy riding the bat mobile!

We had dinner at the new marina and it
was awesome!

Hangin out with Uncle Bret!

These two!!

Savanna kept giving Easton kisses while
squeezing his cheeks, he loved it!

Then she put lip gloss on all of us!!

We were all ready for bed when we got home!

The next day all the boys were in the pool bright and early!

The birthday boy!!!

Dad relaxing....

Well that didn't last too long!!

Loving on Dad and Uncle T!

When its 100 degrees out....

and dad is out of bust out the stencils!

I'm so glad they liked it!

So proud of his work!

Hunter was too!

Not sure about this sign on Easton's door though...he's 
only 5, right??

Houston's birthday party!

Hunter and Jaxson shooting some hoops!

Everyone playing air hockey getting ready for 
Laser Tag!

Hunter, Easton and the birthday boy Houston!

Sunday Funday!!

On our way to church with these handsome boys!

Next stop, top golf!

They love this place!

And we do too!!