Thursday, July 6, 2017

Savanna Grace's Dance Recital!!

We got to watch Savanna perform 4 
routines on her last day of camp!

She had quite the entourage!

I don't know who was more excited, me or the boys!!

Savvy and her proud dad!

The tiny dancer talking to her cousins
after her performance!

She was so happy to see them!

What a great performance
Savanna Grace!!

Her #1 fans!!

Summer fun!

I love days with nothing to do..

The boys were so good for me I said,
eat whatever you want!
That always means a chocolate chip cookie!

And it makes me so happy when they play together!!

Cowboys like us....

Easton asked Hunter if he wanted
to play cowboys and get dressed up!
Hunter came out like this!

off to find Bubba!

And look at this bad boy!

Dressed him self and was SO PROUD!

My little studs!

I think E would dress like this
everyday if he could.

He said mom, take this pic!! 

Sunday Funday!

Means snuggles on the couch!

And lots of pool time!

My three handsome men!

I know the neighbors love seeing this!!

Easton's hideaway!

Easton was so pumped to build this
fort in his closet...

He decked it out with a trashcan, a flashlights, books
kleenex? and lots of blankets!

This boys and his imagination!

Hunter's early Birthday present!

Thank you Mah and Poppy
for Hunter's big boy bike!!

He was so excited!!!


What a wonderful team and coaches
we have had this season!

Easton receiving his medal
from Jim Sandberg!

The boys were so excited to win 3rd place!

So proud of these all stars!!

Group pic!

Proud dad and his boys!!

Mom's glasses!

These two...

Always saying!!


First stop was watching Easton play his
all star game!

Grand and Grandad came to watch!

Hunter loving on Grand!

And uncle bret, savvy and dutch!

These two and their suckers!

Next we headed to athens for much need
relaxation and fathers day fun!

Mom and grand in the kitchen!

The boys were so excited to give Grandad and Dad 
their gifts!!

All the boys!!

We had so much fun going over to Uncle 
bens playing in the pool with everyone!

What a great day!

Me and my Dad!! 
Happy Father's DAY!