Monday, June 26, 2017

Dry Bar!

Tara and I tying the dry bar for the first time!

I could definitely get used to it!! 

Hunter's photography skills!!

Hunter Boo took this of Easton and I with
our nice camera!! We were so impressed!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Camp Shady!

I don't have any pictures of Easton during his week of camp shady,
but Hunter needed to go hit golf balls, since that's what
Bubba was doing!
So we hit balls and had lunch at the club waiting on Easton!

And this is how Easton surprised me this morning...
Dressed, pjs in hamper, bed made, and dressed!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Not one, but two rainbows!!

Working hard!

The boys have been enjoying working outside,
hammering and nailing.

Makes mom nervous but we are trying to be careful!!

Eye black!

Someone found the eye black...

And they both love it!


Were in our second tournament
of all stars and Hunter is being such a trooper, 
lots of late night games and he is right there with me!

So proud of this stud!!

Hitting some great ones!!

Watching bubba practice!

MY stud!

Listening to their coach!

Lunch notes!

The boys found their notes I put in their
lunch boxes before the even got out
of the house for camp!
So when Easton got home and made me this...
it says, "Easton, I love you Mommy! Have a great day"!
with a flower taped on it. He said I
just wanted to make you happy cry...
well you did big boy!!! 


One day they will kill me for this pic,
but I LOVE IT!!

Family Time!

Saturday morning bike ride!

And we found this little guy hanging out by 
the pond! 


Easton made all stars this year and
we could not be more proud!!

Posing for his first tournament game!

So proud of all my boys!

Grand and Grandad came...

and so did Dutch, Savvy, Bret and Lindsay!

Dutch loves giving kisses!!

Then Mah, Poppy, Tobi, Braden and Jaxon 

Easton and his best bud, Wyatt!


He worked so hard on this headband and
then he told me who he was!
I was very impressed!! 

Summer movies!

The boys wanted to pose in front 
of the movies they want to see this summer!
Spider Man!

Um, 47 Meters down?

And baywatch?
Ok maybe they'll get to see 1 of the 3!!

Friday, June 2, 2017


I took the boys to the zoo after their 2 weeks of swim!

All the animal wear out and the boys and I had
such a great time!
Mr. Croc


14 foot croc!

Enormous turtle!

Not sure what he was called!

Gigantic catfish!

Train ride!

Hippos were loving the water!

Love the pic of the king!

Tanner's favorite pic!

The baby elephant is so big!

And all the giraffes were feeding!

The baby gorilla!

And the big guy!

MY handsome boys!! 

Vegas baby!!

Grand and Grandad kept the boys
while Tanner and I went to vegas for the weekend!
The boys had so much fun with Dutch, Savvy,
Uncle Bret, Aunt Lindsay! 

Here we go!

Brandi, Ashlye and I at the pool!

While the boys were golfing!

I hope they let Tanner in! haha

Our view!

Night one!

Journey was so fun!


Next day we went to the spa and had room service!

Back to the pool!

2nd night!

The group! Yes, i need to work on my posing!!
Still doing the cheerleader pose!


Winning big on the slots!! 
What a fun and fast weekend!!

Making my mom proud!!