Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wiped out!

They may wake up early... but sometimes
they are not quite ready to get up!
Even if I open the blinds!! 

I love this pic!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Silly Boy!

Notice anything on his lips?! 
Mom's lip gloss!

It's kind of hard to eat when holding your nose!

Creative Boy!

This is what E did while I was cooking breakfast! 

So proud of this boys imagination!


This is the second toilet I've walked by 
this week that has looked like this!!

Playing school!

The boys have only been out of school 
for a week and THEY Asked to play school.
I swear. Look how serious they look!

Ok, this is a little better!

Learning to write ALEXANDER!

Now its Easton's turn. 
He was teacher us how to write:
Bree and Hunter

Now Hunter's turn. 
We learned how to make a lot of O's!

Swim 2017!

Not sure why they look so big!?!?

Showing their muscles!

Waiting patiently!

So proud of my big boys!!

My baby boy!

Very rare occurrence that Easton
is napping and Hunter is up!
He said mom, "lets cuddle!!"
I said YES AND lets get a picture!!

Happy Birthday Levi!

Levi is not sure about this Hunter Dude!

JK, best buds!!

So glad E made it after his game!

What a fun group!

I spy Ivy and Piper!

Top Golf!!

We wanted to take the boys to hit
balls at the course, but it started raining!
Back up plan...top golf! AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

All my boys!

Hunter Boo!

Big Boy!

Family Pic!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hunter's school party!!

Since Hunter has a summer birthday, we
got to celebrate his school birthday early!

He was very excited!
We made sugar/sprinkle cookies!

He got to wear his KING crown for the day!

SMILE! I am not ready for him to be 4!!

Reptile party anyone?

Roman had such a fun birthday party!

The boys were amazed!

And so was I!!

Hunter holding a rat snake!

Easton loved it!!

Family pic with the python!!

Easton let him wrap around him!
What a party!!

THE cousins are in town!!

Braden and Jaxon got to watch
Easton's friday night game!

Silly boys!

The next day we went to main event!

And had a great time!

Next stop, was fishing! 

Braden always catches the biggest fish!

Super proud boys!

Group pic before we had to part ways!


Such a sweetie! Easton made this
and told me these were each of his friends!

Practice Practice!!

The boys play baseball EVERY DAY!

Thank goodness we didn't put any trees 
in the backyard, it has made for the perfect
baseball field!!

When the cold front of 75 comes through...

you wear your beanie!