Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hunter's school party!!

Since Hunter has a summer birthday, we
got to celebrate his school birthday early!

He was very excited!
We made sugar/sprinkle cookies!

He got to wear his KING crown for the day!

SMILE! I am not ready for him to be 4!!

Reptile party anyone?

Roman had such a fun birthday party!

The boys were amazed!

And so was I!!

Hunter holding a rat snake!

Easton loved it!!

Family pic with the python!!

Easton let him wrap around him!
What a party!!

THE cousins are in town!!

Braden and Jaxon got to watch
Easton's friday night game!

Silly boys!

The next day we went to main event!

And had a great time!

Next stop, was fishing! 

Braden always catches the biggest fish!

Super proud boys!

Group pic before we had to part ways!


Such a sweetie! Easton made this
and told me these were each of his friends!

Practice Practice!!

The boys play baseball EVERY DAY!

Thank goodness we didn't put any trees 
in the backyard, it has made for the perfect
baseball field!!

When the cold front of 75 comes through...

you wear your beanie!


Is it summer time!?

I'm so proud of E for following the directions!
He was so proud!!  

I told them they were just
"living the life"
not sure they knew what that meant!

Athens Fun!

Easton and Lady Bleu Belle!

Learning to shoot the gun with Grandad!

Father Son Cuddles!

Hunter loves coming in our room at 6:45
and snuggling! Lately he needs to take his shirt off,
like Dad and lay on his chest!

This is exactly what he did when he was a baby!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stay at home fun!

We did lots of baking last week!
Blueberry muffins!

Chocolate Chip cookies!

And Monkey bread!

The boys were being creative too, building train tracks!

Making construction paper art!

And building Legos!

All Saints Sno Cone Social!

Hunter Boo got to attend his new school
and meet some of his new classmates!

He and Easton both had a blast!!

Fun Day!!

We love Tuesdays!
No where to be until Museum School at 12:30!

And a special treat after!


Serious Play

This was an intense check up!
E was a great doctor and H really enjoyed laying down
and being a patient!