Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday fun with cousins!

Bret brought Savvy and Dutch over to play,
I opened the car door and this was waiting for me!!

ON her bike!

Dutch is on the move!

Hunter showing Savvy how to hit the ball!

Go Savanna!

Baseball Days!

Easton had his first home run and I'm not sure who
was more excited?! ME or him!!
What a proud moment!!!

WE were all hungry after baseball so we headed to have
mini pazookies at BJ's! Mom ate all of hers! 

This years T-Ball picture!

Last Fall vs. This Spring!
WHY are you getting so big EASTON K!!

Golf, Baseball, Mah & Poppy!

We headed out to the course Friday night
to hit balls and have dinner!

Easton had games thursday and saturday!

Thursday night game!

Saturday game!

Saturday Game

Hunter posing for his picture!

Mah and Poppy came and got to see E 
play both games! What a fun weekend!

Hunters School Picnic!

Sitting with the two cutest girls in the class!

He couldn't sit still for long before he had to play
with the boys!

Being good boys...

And eating popsicles!

We had such a fun time!

Easton K!

Bret Michaels by day...

Mc. Dreamy by night...
I told him he may just have to go to med school,
he is such a handsome doctor!

Heather is in town!!

What a fun 2 days we had with The Hilgers clan!
First day was filled with Heather and all her girls,
Jill and all her kiddos and even Aunt Tara!

Alice and Easton on the golf cart!

Clara Jane being the best baby as usual!

Levi and Hunter fighting over Georgia!

Mom is watching boys!!

All four of us, thank you Piper for the pic!

So many kids!!

Hunter, Easton, Levi, Piper, Alice and Elsie!

Pretty Georgia Katherine!

Clara Jane was worn out so she just
took a nap in the middle of the park...
we had to cover her so she didn't get sunburned!

Then we headed to the pool!
Could these two be any cuter!

All the big kids swam!

She fell asleep like this!

The next day we just relaxed until The hilgers left
for Athens!

Hunter told me, "Mom I like babies and I want 
to get one"!!

Thank you for the picture Easton!

Easton made this for his friends right after they left!
WE had such a great time!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Easter!!

The boys worked so hard on these 
canvases and they turned out so cute!
Easton's on the left and Hunter's on the right!

Headed to church, picture courtesy 
of Easton K!

The table is all set for Sunday dinner!

My handsome boys!!

Getting ready for the hunt!

On your mark, get set, GO!

GO!! lol

Dutch found his big egg!

So did Hunter!

Go Savvy go!
Easton was so fast I dint' get a pic!

Getting their fun gifts from Doll!

And it wouldn't have been complete
with out all the kids in the pool!!


This is Grandad and Grand on their boat...

And check out the name...
"The Mary"
So funny and we didn't even know when
we bought it!!