Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday Grandad!!

Grandad opening his gifts with all 
his grandkids!

They were very excited to see what he got!

He loved all his gifts!

But this was the best surprise!!
He had no idea and it was awesome!

Tara made this for my dad, it was
so cool!

Everyone getting lined up for Dad to arrive!

Getting ready!

And here he comes!!!!!
It was so emotional!!

Jill, Joe and Georgia talking to Grand and Dutch!

Dutch having his first bite of hamburger!

Lots or friends!

And wonderful music!!

The weather was then really cold!

Jill and Bret!

Go Hornets!!

Happy Birthday song!!

Ross was the only one allowed to give a
speech b/c he wouldn't get emotional! lol

Grandad and Jill eating there favorite
Ding Dongs!

Talking to Ron!

Not sure what is going on here...

Melissa, Lacie and Me!

Love this pic!
Many more pics to come off the big camera!
Stay tuned!!

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