Sunday, February 26, 2017

When Dad's away...

We go to ihop at 7:45 on Sunday for breakfast!
The boys were so excited and it was a lot of fun!

They were both so full when we left!
These boys can eat!

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Tara had a party for Aaron (not pictured) we had
such  great time!

Tara and Sam talking about something
very serious!


Always in costume...


Putting out the fire!

Hunter was ready!

And so was bubba! Working on the 
big flames in this tree!

Mini hornet party!

Dad and his goldfish cocktail!

I can't believe this weather, warm enough to swim!

All the cousins, they had so much fun together...

While their parents played!! LOL

Tara, Me and Alisha

Ben, Tanner (can you find him) and Aaron!

Birthday Parties!

First stop, Bryces fiesta!

This little ham!!

And Easton found a spot in the sun to lounge 
back and have himself! Lol

Next stop, Piersons angry bird party!
They found a lizard!

They terrorized the poor guy!!

More Rodeo Day!

Easton's teacher posted these outside 
his classroom. I thought this was so funny!
All the other kids said, I like wearing boots,
a hat or riding a horse. Not Easton,  he likes 
riding a bull!!


I love this group of kiddos!


Poppy and Easton catching some big ones!

Dad and the boys! I can't believe how
 big these catfish are in our pond!

We went to check on Hunter
and he was passed out!

And my handsome BIG Boy
in his robe!

Happy Valentines!

Easton made these cute ninja turtles for his
class! He cut ALL of them out and I was 
so impressed with his cutting skills!

My beautiful flowers from my boys!

And homemade cards, THE BEST!!

They were so excited to open their gifts!

We made sugar cookies and they 
were delicious!

Next stop, the movies!

I love all THREE of my boys!

And I was so surprised to get BEAUTIFUL

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Me and my hubby,
pic courtesy of Easton!

And lots of homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

School pictures!

I was that mom taking my own pics!

I can't wait to see the real ones!
My heart was melting!!

Happy Birthday GRAND!!

Grands pretty birthday cake!!

Beautiful Grand!

Easton giving her one of her gifts!

I love this pic of us!

Grand and Dutch!

Savanna, just like her aunt bree...always multi
tasking! haha

Easton loves his cousins!!

Singing happy birthday!!

What a fun celebration!!

All the boys!

Grands beautiful flowers from her 
Grand babies!

Me and my boy, dutch!!


This what getting ready for bed looks like!! 

You talking to me!?