Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Morning Fishing!

The fishing was perfect Saturday morning!

I'm so glad Dad was there b/c 
we had quite a crew and some really large catfish!

Easton catching a huge catfish and his fan club! haha

Some of our neighbors that had never fished! They were so excited!

6 kids!

This guy was huge!! We had to use the net!

The biggest catfish we've ever seen!

Easton was so proud!

Dad had to hold it for him!


Hugging him!

Tanner was even excited!

Way to go!

Evening fishing with Dad!

Love this pic!

First catch!

2nd catch!

Way to go mom!

Sunset pic!

Dad trying to figure out what it is?!

My second catch!


Great catch Easton K!

Great catch Hunter Austin!

The boys have been obsessed with fishing lately...
We fished thursday/friday/saturday/sunday last week!

Getting there early was the key!

They started out catching perch, then bass,
then huge catfish!

And they are loving every minute!

So proud of my boys!!

Hanging out with my boys!!

First trip to Mr. Gatti's was so good!

And free games?!? They were loving it!

This is how i found hunter when
I thought he was napping in his bed!?
He told me he had gone to get 
a blanket and fell asleep in the hall closet?!

We have been rearranging Easton's room and this
is his make shift desk, that he is loving!

He was helping me move stuff, hang pictures and 
he had to get his "gear" on!

Posing with his set up!
I'll post pics once we get his new desk in!

No words!

Does it get any cuter?!
Dutch and Savvy...TCU Models!!

Seaworld/Boerne 2017!

All the boys resting!!

We had so much fun swimming at Mah and Poppy's!

My big boy!

Hunter waiting on his fish!

Hanging out with Poppy!

Baiting his own hook!

Jaxson and Hunter!

Dad and Easton!

Caught a catfish!

What a great pic of my boys!

This is Hunter and Braden...being normal!

Wat to go Brado with your HUGE Fish!!

Sea World 2017!!

Poppy, Hunter, Jaxon, Braden, Tobi, Mommy, Mah
Easton and Dad!

Here we go!

I'm not sure who was the most excited?

Hunter was so excited to meet the sesame
street characters!


And so was Easton!

So cute!

Waiting to get splashed!

Here comes bubba!

Watching the beluga whales!

Catching rubber duckies!

Now watching Clyde and Seamore!

Shamu is always the best!!

Getting a little tired!

But trying to win a stuffed animal!!

And they did!!