Thursday, October 19, 2017

Baseball Playoffs!

Game 1! Hunter got the game winning run!!

Easton K Hit 3!

Hunter Austin Hit 3

Easton K hit 2

Hunter Austin hit 2

Easton K hit 1!

Hunter Austin hit 1!


We went to downtown to see Grand and Grandad
when they were here for work!
Easton and Grandad had some reading to do!

Easton decided to pose on the couch after bath time....

And so did Hunter! One might be a was a little awkward!!

Dress Uniform Day!

Now that its cooler weather
Easton's class wears dress uniforms on Wednesdays!
This is the after school pic, shirt unbuttoned, untucked
and ready to change! LOL

His teacher sent me this one!

Rough like for Hunter Boo on days he doesn't have school!
Laying in Mom and Dad's bed reading his books!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My sweet little kindergartner!

Easton asked if we could go to the Statue of Liberty
before school to get his teacher, Mrs. Roderick something? I said well
I don't think we have time, maybe after school? He said, Mom that will not work!
After a long convo and me trying to figure out
what he was talking was that she likes STARBUCKS coffee!!

So off we went and she was so excited!!

After a long day of play the guitar!

Not your normal Mario!

Easton got a nintendo switch for his birthday!
We converted it to two controllers for the game room..
It's just a little different than the Mario we grew up with..
split screen??

Who was having more fun?!?

Fun little Saturday!

The boys got to have practice at Southwest Christian..
such a nice field!

Grady, Julian and Hunter!

Julian and Hunter!

Mom working on Halloween costumes!

Easton working on his school project!

Cant wait to see when he's done!

Halloween Cookies!!

The boys did so good on our first round
of halloween cookies!

Cutting them out!


I showed them how to use the sprinkles LOL

Looks like they did exactly what i said!

Good job E!

I thought they looked pretty good!?!

Finger licking good!


We went to buy Halloween Decor
but we found 22 FOOT SANTA!!

They really think Grandad needs this!! LOL

Lunch with E!

I surprised Easton on Friday and brought him Whataburger!
I thin khis friend Joe was as excited as he was!!

He was kind of tired after our late game Thursday
night! I caught him mid yawn!!

Cute little Brynn!

They wanted to play after school...

and play...

and play! I said, guys its Friday!


The kinder moms decorated the hallways
last week!
Hunter was so proud!

Rebecca is a heck of a tree maker!

I caught Hunter on the playground!

He didn't see me but I loved watching him play!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Days with Hunter Boo!

He may be ruined after his first stop at 
Starbucks for hot chocolate!!

Taking naps on the couch!

Where's hunter?! Can you find him?
I love my two days home with Him and I'm missing
having Easton home with us!! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Monday, October 9, 2017


I have the best husband!
He surprised me with these awesome balloons!

Party favors for my girls!

Pool is all ready!

My hot hubby!


Me, tara and Jill!

Not sure what were talking about!

Still talking!

Heather and Mike flew all the way in from Nebraska!!

Surprise Gene and Aaron are here!!

I am so lucky!

Look at all these handsome dudes! And Dudettes!

Poppin the champs!

ANd Jill with her awesome cake!

I have awesome friends and family!!