Thursday, December 7, 2017

TCU TREE Lighting!

The campus looked so beautiful!

Family pic!

Smile boys!

The hot chocolate and cookies were delicious!

Hanging out with the elf!

On our shoulders so they could see the fireworks!

The fireworks were unbelievable!

Love this attempt at a picture! haha

Go frogs!!


Hunter and I met Jill, Levi and Georgia to see
the trains and north park!

The boys were so into it!

Hunter posing!

We also got to see a puppet show!!

And even did a little Christmas shopping!

Its' beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

I love Christmas lights!

And the boys did a great job on the tree!!


The boys got to see Santa 
and ride in his sleigh, have hot chocolate and cookies!

So did mom and dad! haha

About to go for a ride!

Here we go!

It was so hot!

But so fun!

Next stop, Graham's birthday!

These boys were having a blast!

Date Night!

Tues Night Date to see Bad Mom's Christmas?

Pre K Field Trip!

Hunter's class got to go to ICE! at the gaylord!

Class Picture!

It was so Cold!

But so fun!

And so cool!

This was my favorite...

A nativity scene made of ice. It was beautiful!!

Looking at the trains!

And the huge tree!

 More trains!

off they go!

Bye Hunter!!

Kindergarten Field Trip!!


Heading on the bus to buy Christmas gifts for the Angels
that they raised money all year for!! 

Class Picture!

Easton and His buddy Michael picking out the items!

They were so precious seeing what 
their special Boy needed!


Me and Easton and Michael and his mom Allyson!
What an incredible time we had!

Play Dough!

Look Mom, Its a snowman! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Baseball Playoffs!

Game 1! Hunter got the game winning run!!

Easton K Hit 3!

Hunter Austin Hit 3

Easton K hit 2

Hunter Austin hit 2

Easton K hit 1!

Hunter Austin hit 1!


We went to downtown to see Grand and Grandad
when they were here for work!
Easton and Grandad had some reading to do!

Easton decided to pose on the couch after bath time....

And so did Hunter! One might be a was a little awkward!!

Dress Uniform Day!

Now that its cooler weather
Easton's class wears dress uniforms on Wednesdays!
This is the after school pic, shirt unbuttoned, untucked
and ready to change! LOL

His teacher sent me this one!

Rough like for Hunter Boo on days he doesn't have school!
Laying in Mom and Dad's bed reading his books!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My sweet little kindergartner!

Easton asked if we could go to the Statue of Liberty
before school to get his teacher, Mrs. Roderick something? I said well
I don't think we have time, maybe after school? He said, Mom that will not work!
After a long convo and me trying to figure out
what he was talking was that she likes STARBUCKS coffee!!

So off we went and she was so excited!!

After a long day of play the guitar!