Friday, December 2, 2016

Play date!

First stop was the dentist!
They sent me this pic of Hunter to show me he 
went back all by himself. I said where's my pic of Easton, she 
said oh he always does good, we didn't get a pic.

We went to see Piper and Levi for a fun afternoon.
Georgia was with her mommy!

Piper sang for us and danced for us. 
My boys clearly need an older sister. I have never
seen them so quiet, still and using all their manners!!
Levi is kind of used to this, I think!!

TWINS! Losing the same tooth just a few weeks

Levi and Hunter showing me their "loose" 
teeth! HA!

Olympic training time!

See Saw! Or See Salt as Easton
told me he preferred calling it!

What a fun afternoon!!

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