Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blanton Play Date!

We got to see sweet Georgia Katherine!

I think Easton is in love with her!

Well almost as in love as he is with Piper!
Poor Levi and Hunter are so over it! LOL

Love this family so much!!!

Merry Christmas 2016!

Savvy styling in her new shades, new shoes
and necklace!

Easton K took this pic of all of us!

Doll and dutch!

Mommy and Grand!

All the kids watching Uncle Bret
fly his new drone!

Me and Savvy!

Grandad eating the leg from our turkey
and he couldn't figure out what was so funny!
Only Grandad!

So then Hunter had to do it!!

Merry Christmas!!

All of our little elves!
Bret Austin Jr 8 months, Easton K 5, Hunter Austin 3, and 
Savanna Grace 2.

Putting out milk and cookies for Santa!

Making sure its just right!

Throwing the reindeer food in the yard!

Dancing in the star shower lights !

It was so cool to watch!

Looks like Santa came!

Looks like Santa did good!

Christmas Eve!

Uncle Bret and Dutch!

Three generations of Westbrook Men!

Easton helping us out on the cookie decorating!

All three working hard!

After lots of outside dirt fun, we had to throw
all three in the shower at once!

It was time for christmas pjs and Easton 
was ready to go! My little elf!

Dutch was ready for bed!

Grandad and his boys!!

Christmas Fun!!

We got to Athens and the boys
went hunting, first thing!

We then had to play LOL' was hilarious!!

This is how Grandad and Hunter played!

Dad and Easton went on a night hunt
so Grand, Hunter and I made a gingerbread house
that turned out super cute!

And of course cookies!

Savvy came right in time to help decorate!

And eat them!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

School Christmas Parties!

The boys both had their school
parties today!
Pre K got to wear pajamas!

First Hunters party!

Showing me his class!

And they got to make and decorate cookies!

Easton's made hot cocoa!

All the pjs were hysterical!!

Panther Island!!

We went ice skating for the first time!

The boys loved it and keep asking to go back!

Tanner's and I had a blast, but
we are old and our backs and ankles
were killing us helping the boys!

Such a cool place!

Showing off...

Their favorite gifts!
Hunter with his pez collection!

And Easton with his new truck!

They're not normal like us!

Grandad wears his headlamp while talking
to the neighbors!
The boys thought they were pretty cool with theirs!

Our Family Christmas!

We let the boys open gifts from us,
it was so much fun!!

I think Hunter liked the bullets!

Easton was so excited for everything!

I told him how good he did opening gifts,
he looked at me and said, "Well I liked everything"!
SO honest!!