Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Handsome Dudes!

With their new hair cuts!!

Fun in Athens!

No matter how cold it is, Hunter
always wants a popsicle!

They were watching an intense movie
with Grandad!

I decided to have my own wine and paint

And Grandad was busy working out!
ha! ha!
Looking good Dad!

Grand and I made ornaments with 
Hunter. Easton said maybe next time mom!

Tree Decorating!

The boys did so good on the ornaments!
They decorated the entire bottom half!

Our finished tree! We put in the office this year so you
could see out the front window!!

What a stud!

My handsome hubby and his BIG 
kill for the year!!


Easton lost his FIRST TOOTH 
on the night before Thanksgiving!!
HE did not know what to think
and we stayed up late talking 
all about the tooth fairy!

Look at that sucker!

Amarillo's Finest!

When we landed in Amarillo
Tanner took us to the finest restaurant
The boys loved it!

We even got to see Santa!

They really missed their daddy!

And got free hats!
Cowboy Easton!!

Mommy and her boys!

Waiting on Aunt Tara to pick us up to head
to the airport!

The boys needed a second breakfast!

We got there super early and had lots of time to watch 
the planes...

and take selfies...


All aboard!

The boys did so good and were so ready to see Dad!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We went to Perryton for Thanksgiving to spend
time with Papaw and the rest of the family!
It was vary hard and different without Granny.

Me and Tobi!

Hunter and his Daddy having an important

Cousins, Makenna and Braden!

Hunter, Braden and Kinsley!

Easton wondering what they are doing!

Kindly posing!

Tobi and Cole!

Braden, Hunter, Jaxon, Easton and Kellen!

Posing with Mckenna and Kinsley!

On our way to eat Thanksgiving!
My arm is not long enough for all 4 of us!

Not me!

Hunter did you lick the dessert plate?
No, Mom!!

Guilty as charged!!


What a beautiful day to play outside!

And use our bubble maker!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moon!

Looked super cool last night!!


I think I have the most beautiful niece and nephew EVER!
Dutch is getting so big and handsome! AND looking more like
Uncle Bret!

AND...Savanna Grace is just a beauty!!

Weekend Fun!

Hunter and I had a fun afternoon of eating

Watching the TCU Game!

And exploring around the neighborhood!

Dad and bubba went to Aubrey's birthday party
and rode ponies!!

And Easton also got his face painted!
What a fun day for everyone!

Kindergarten preview day!

Sitting in chapel!

Learning and exploring in the kindergarten class!

Hunter did everything Easton did and I had
to tell people he was only 3! But big brother is the coolest! 

Oreo Mustache!

I don't know if he enjoyed the oreo
or acting like a cool dude with a mustache


You know its getting serious when
grandad is playing!!

Nice glasses Hunter!