Sunday, October 23, 2016


We took Easton to see Luke Bryan
for his 5th Birthday present!
Luke is his favorite singer!
That is who he is for Halloween
so he had to dress up like him for the concert...of course!

We stopped at Pappasitos by the stadium to eat
and kill some time before Luke went on at 9:20!
Easton said I'm staying up so late!!

Dad and Easton!


I think he was in shock the first two songs!

Then he started getting into it!

It was an amazing concert!

Luke, Little Big Town and Chris Stapleton!

IM not sure who was having more fun!!
I was dying over this song!

And this is Tanner and Eastons absolutely favorite song!!

Definitely a night that we will NEVER
And you ask, where was Hunter Boo?
Home with his favorite babysitter and could not have
cared less that he didn't go. He said he was watching a movie, taking his bath
and reading Halloween books. BYE mom, dad and bubba! LOL
what a great sport! LOVE MY BOYS!!

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