Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy birthday to Me!!

My sweet hubby with his Q-tip messages!
How am I 36?!?!

And a fun day date!!
Thanks baby for making my birthday so special!!

Athens Birthdays!!

We went to Athens to celebrate
ALL of our birthdays!

Cousin time!

Hunter and Dutch!

Concert time!

Easton and Dutch!

Bath time with three of the four!

Grand and her babies!!

Easton's 5th Birthday Party!!

We had to take pictures and measure
him to see how big he is!

My silly boy!

Can't believe you are 5!!

Grand and Grandad being silly ninja turtles!

Mom and Dad!

Easton and Hunter!

Thank you Cherry Laurel for the cool cake!


Grand and Dutch!

Savanna and Piper!

Uncle Bret and Doll!

Leonardo has arrived and everyone is so excited!

Including Uncle Bret!

All the boys were mesmerized!!

Time to sing Happy Birthday!

I think this was the 5th time we sang to
Easton over the week, but who's coating, right?!

I would love to know what Hunter is telling

Close up of the cake!

Grandad was pretty pumped too!

Family pic!

Easton and Aubrey!

Grand, Grandad and Doll spent the night
and we opened presents when we got home!

The boys said it was the best birthday ever!!

Wyatt, Easton and Hunter!

Fan Club!

Lindsay, Dutch, Savvy and Uncle Bret 
came to Easton's game!

I think these might be Bubba's two biggest fans!!

Baseball is our life right now!

E Birthday cont'd!

Mah and Poppy weren't able to come to the party
so they came by on Easton's birthday to wish
him a happy birthday!

He loved his cowboy outfit and new boots!

I think this is our third birthday song today!?

You are not ruined baby boy!

And Hunter Boo, you were such a trooper!

Happy 5th Birthday Easton K!!

Easton woke up bright and early ready to celebrate his
big day!!

He opened a couple of gifts before school!

Happy Birthday Serenade Part 1!

This was the sign outside of his class.

Dad and I got to come and bring birthday cookies
for the class!


William, Easton and Holt!

On your birthday you get to bring something to the class
for show and tell. I am pretty sure 95% of this story is NOT true....
but A for creativity, right??  He does play baseball! haha

Sweet birthday song from his class!

This was the best pose we could get!

Friday, September 16, 2016

2nd Game!!

I may or may not post every game!
Ready at 3:00. Game time 6:00!

Little brother is ready too!!

Saying their pledge before the game!

Easton went 2 for 2 again!!

Great hit bubba!
Mah and poppy came all the way
to ftworth just for the game!!

Playing pitcher!
He said his "dream came true" b/c 
he got to play pitcher!
He had a stop at second and a great stop
at short!

Team meeting after the game!!
We won...big time!
Way to go A's!