Monday, August 29, 2016

Easton and Hunter's First Day of School!

My handsome 1st born on
his first day of Pre-K!!

And my precious 2nd born on 
his first day of the 3's!

Time is going by too fast
and my boys are getting WAY TO BIG!!
Mommy loves you both MORE

The bench at UCC that keeps getting smaller
and smaller! Tear. 

Athletics 1st Practice!!

Easton made the Athletics PW Team
and had his first practice on Sunday!

He told us later that night that
it was the "best day of his life"!!

I am so glad he loves it as much as he does!!
Here's to a fun season!!

Friday Night Fun!

We headed back over to the Leon's Friday night 
for another playdate, this time with the dads!

The boys love these two and their new house!
Thank you Ashlye and Tyler for having
us TWICE in one week!!

What's better than playing in the pool
until dark!?!

Barber Shop!!

I took the boys to their first barbershop
to get their hair cut like Grandad's! 

Here's the before pic!

They were such big boys!

They loved the old charts and
the cool animals everywhere!

And After!

My handsome boys!!

And when we got home they needed to shave!

Looking good boys!

Meet The Teacher!

First the boys drove the train...

Watch out!

Then we headed to meet the teacher!

I didn't get any pics of their teachers, but 
I did get a cute picture of the boys
with Hayes and Maris!

I then turned around and saw Easton doing this?!
He said Mom, shhh I'm focusing!!! 

Great Wolf Part III!

Getting ready to do the ropes course!

Mom only brought flip flops, oops!

Hunter did so good on the lower course!

Way to go Hunter Boo!

And Easton K did the high course!!

He was so BRAVE!! I was a nervous wreck!!

Everyone survived!!

After a late night and full day, we 
headed for the 30 min treck back to FTW
so Dad could go to work the next day!!

And the boys are out!!
We had such a memorable trip and I'm 
so glad we did this for the boys!!!

Great Wolf Cont'd!

Getting a picture with Wiley or 
"Chucky" as Hunter called him
after yoga!

Thanks Hunter!!

Easton was loving pictures!

They were beside themselves!

I was limited with pics since
I didn't want my phone to get soaked!

But we all had a blast and rode
all the slides!!

Great Wolf Lodge!!

We surprised the boys with a 
quick trip to Great Wolf 
Lodge after Easton's tryouts!

The boys were SO EXCITED!

They had their own room with bunkbeds!!

Dinner with my handsome boys!

Hunter being silly!

We let them stay up and eat ice cream and play
lots of games!!

Then they got to watch a little TV
before bed!
Easton later told us this was his favorite part 
of the trip!!! 

Hunter all snuggled in!

The next morning we
headed to the water park!

First we had to get pics 
with the bear!

Even Mom and Dad!

Easton's Baseball Tryouts!!

Easton was ready to go,
with bag in hand at 2:30....tryouts were
at 6:00 pm!

Dad and his boys!!

In the dugout getting ready!

Easton and his buddy Hayes!

Lining up!

Easton did so good!

My little player!!