Friday, July 22, 2016

Hunter Austin's 3rd Birthday Party!!

Hunter and Savvy had a serious discussion in 
the pantry! not sure what they were planning!

All of Easton's and Hunter's cousins in 
one pic!

Braden, Bret Jr, Hunter, Savanna, Easton and Jaxon!

Savanna using her napkin! LOL

Baby bret!!

Piper and Levi in the shade eating their cupcakes!

Look at that black lipstick!

Destiny (our babysitter) with her favorite boys!

Birthday boy!

Bret and Georgia meeting for the
first time! Born a month apart!

That's the candy scoop, Hunter!

Grandad and Savvy in a serious game 
of Tic Tac Toe!

Grand, Jill, Me and Baby Bret!

Leo, Savvy and Hunter on the slip n slide!

Cannon ball competitions with Anna and Reilly!

Hunter and Levi were playing some
serious basketball!

Big brother taking a break!

Tara Alfred surprised the boys!
They love TARA!

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