Sunday, July 31, 2016

How is this happening?

Easton is officially signed up for 
baseball this fall!

We took the boys out to practice
this morning!

E hit off the tee and hit with Dad
pitching to him!

Hunter Boo loved the tee!

I didn't get any of Easton batting b/c i was "fielding"
but I got him "fielding"! It was so hot
and I was SO PROUD of all my boys!!

Way to go!!

Dr. Alexander

Its difficult trying to have lunch
when your pager keeps going off!

Hunter had a really bad case of swimmers 
ear. Easton reenacted the ENTIRE visit when
we got home!!

Sugar Shack!

The boys got to have
the most delicious/messy snow cones this week!!

Hunter, what are you showing me? HA!

I spy...

a ninja turtle in my bathroom!!

Friend Night!

Our friends, Ashley and Michael came over with
their 2 littles!

The boys had so much fun,
especially have a girl to play with!

Party time!!


If only I could look this cool!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More Weekend Fun!!

Easton and Uncle Bret driving the boat!

Dad and Easton went paddle boarding on
one board and Hunter and I were on the other!
Wish we would have had our go pro for this!
Here's a pic of the 3 boys!!

Serious conversations while in the pool!

Hold on and let me flex for a minute mom!

My handsome boy!


Hunter Boo had swimmers ear 
so he wasn't feeling many pictures,
but he got one with his Grand!

Friday, July 22, 2016


This video was on tanner's phone
from our weekend at Mah and Poppy's!
So exciting!!



We couldn't be more proud of our 
little dragon!
He is showing such dedication, focus 
and hard work!
I love his instructors reaction to him
tearing the paper in half!!
P.S. He's the one in the middle! 

Athens fun!!

When your son makes you a crown 
aka party hat at school, you better wear
it while driving!! thank you
Easton K!

This is granddads cool pool!

And slide! They told me it was the best ever!
Of course it is, its at the grandparent house!! 
Please excuse the commentary, we are practicing for the Olympics !

This boy of mine!

We are having our good days and
our bad right now. He is figuring
out lots of things, testing his boundaries
 and he is more 
like me than I ever imagined. 
But no matter what, he is always so loving
and has a HUGE heart!
I love you so much Easton K!!

Summer School is fun!

Hunter leaving his class!

And My big boy leaving his!

Apparently, the july session
has been A LOT of fun!

And Savvy workin in for swim lessons!!

Gift time!!

We wrapped up the
party by wearing party favors and the last
men standing posing for a picture!

Look at all those spidermEn!

Hunter hugging Leo goodbye!

Gift opening time and Easton turned into a 

Hunter Boo became a cowboy!


And then magically turned into Olaf!


Easton became a ninja turtle
so Hunter became a mean olaf!

These boys!

Helping little brother out by fluffing his hair!

Grand and her babies!

Easton, Dad, and baby Bret!

Thank you to everyone who came and to our family 
who loves us unconditionally!
The party was so fun and Hunter (and Easton) 
loved all of their gifts!! We love you all!

Hunter Austin's 3rd Birthday Party!!

Hunter and Savvy had a serious discussion in 
the pantry! not sure what they were planning!

All of Easton's and Hunter's cousins in 
one pic!

Braden, Bret Jr, Hunter, Savanna, Easton and Jaxon!

Savanna using her napkin! LOL

Baby bret!!

Piper and Levi in the shade eating their cupcakes!

Look at that black lipstick!

Destiny (our babysitter) with her favorite boys!

Birthday boy!

Bret and Georgia meeting for the
first time! Born a month apart!

That's the candy scoop, Hunter!

Grandad and Savvy in a serious game 
of Tic Tac Toe!

Grand, Jill, Me and Baby Bret!

Leo, Savvy and Hunter on the slip n slide!

Cannon ball competitions with Anna and Reilly!

Hunter and Levi were playing some
serious basketball!

Big brother taking a break!

Tara Alfred surprised the boys!
They love TARA!