Tuesday, June 21, 2016

These Boys!!

We had so much Fun for fathers Day!

My boys!!

Easton found the mustaches!

I mustache you a question?

Happy Fathers Day Part III? ( Iv'e lost count)

Grandad was excited about his big gift!

Finally he got his margarita machine!!

My handsome boys!!

And my awesome dad!!

WE love grandaddy!

Family pic!!

Me and my dad, 1986!

Fathers Day Part II !!

Houston, Jaxson and Archer came over to play
with us!

Archer had a blast!

All The cousins!
Hunter, Houston, Easton, Archer & Jaxson


Daddy and baby, perfect for fathers day!

Uncle ben's fun water slide!!

Happy Fathers Day Part 1 !

We started out making worms with mud and dirt!
The boys literally thought they were eating it!

Hunter said he was not doing it!!

But Easton said it taste good! HAHA!

Cheers to the weekend, courtesy of my photog,
Easton K!

Happy beginning of fathers day, DAD!!

Look at this cake!

One of Hunter's many popsicles!

Doll, Grand and the boys!!


Getting ready for water balloons!


Hat day!!

Mommy worked really hard on Mohawks 
this morning and then the boys said, 
we want to wear our hats!! Lol

Hi Mom!

Heading into museum camp!
Easton has on uncle bret's old baseball

Hey there!

Summer Fun!

My handsome dude!

Playdoh time!

Lunch with Piper and Levi!

Whew, long day!
This is how i found hunter!

And bubba!


2 of my boys!!
Just chillin'!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Mah and Poppy came to see us Thursday
and Friday!
The boys were so excited!

First stop, Mi Cocina!

Mommy and Daddy!

Poppy being silly!

My big boy!

Friday morning we tried Funkytown Donuts
for the first time!

Hunter working on his pez!

We then spent ALL day friday in the pool!
Hold on hunter!

Here we go!

Mah and Easton doing a little etch a sketch!

I was very  impressed with Mah's drawing!
It was a quick but FUN 39 hours!!

First Shady Oaks Swim!

The boys and I went to the club
Thursday morning to swim for
the first time this summer!

Easton went down the slide and jumped
off the board! I was so proud!

And I think they were both worn out!!