Thursday, May 26, 2016

No school, No problem!

We just chill at the house with
nothing to do, and lots of fun
to be had!!

Easton's homemade parking garage!

We did have to make a trip to the dentist!

Such big boys!!

And a stop at chuck e cheese!!

Weekday Fun!!

We do this everyday, rain or shine!

The boys are going to turn into fish!!

Dad on a flamingo!

The boys are loving our new floats!!

Three boys on a sprinkle donut!
Does it get any better!!

Smiles for mommy!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Grandad got him new glasses!

What would a trip be without a little Guess Who action?

Watching their 3rd spider movie!!

They love each other (some days)!!!

Grandad blowing up the humongous slide!!


Last Day of School!

Vs. First Day of school!!
Back when they would dress up for me!!

My love!

Tanner and I rarely get photos together...
But Easton K offered to take this Sunday night!
We were so impressed with his skillzzz!

Way to go big boy!! And thank you for the pic!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


We had the most beautiful sunset and rainbow
this week!

We thought Granny may have played a part
in this!!

Unbelievable clouds!

My favorite shot of our house with the rainbow
right above!!

OVER these storms!!

We had a "wind" storm this week.
No rain, just wind. 
I'm ready for summer!

Tree by the boys school!
On our way to school we 
found out school was cancelled due to
no power!

So the boys got to run errands with mommy!

They said, "Mom this is so fun! "
We had to stop at starbucks!

And my little helpers getting our
spring flowers!!

Happy Birthday Levi!!

We had a great time at the flight museum
for Levi's 3rd birthday!

The boys had the best time!!

And so did mom and dad!

Easton showing the birthday
boy his shark tooth necklace!

And look at these cupcake faces!


Piper and Ivy enjoying cupcakes too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pool Life!

To say we are enjoying having a pool
is an understatement!
This is what we do everyday after school, after naps, before bed,
after dinner, etc!

Mom, I'm over pictures but he's my little fish!
(Hunter was napping)

Music Concert!

The boys had their end of year music concert!

They didn't know I was coming, 
so they were very surprised!


This was priceless! I could tell Easton
was going to participate, but I knew 
by the end he was over this dance!


Proud Daughter!

I have to brag on Grandad for this
spectacular catch over Mother's Day!!
Good Job, Dad! 
The boys were just a little impressed!

Monday fun day!

Hunter was so proud that he and Mickey
were sitting the exact.same.way!!

The boys want dirt back so bad! So we had to drive down
the street to a new construction and get some!
I am enjoying our yard, but they rather have dirt!

And what is monday without making Janny's aka
Grands famous muffins!? My boys favorite!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!

Savanna was really enjoying her lake time!

And so was Baby Bret!

Loving on Aunt Lindsay!

My beautiful flowers and gifts from 
my boys!

And Grand's beautiful flowers and gifts
from her kids and grandkids!

Grand her her loves, minus 1!


AND, my boys surprised me 
with breakfast in bed!

I was so out of it and I even
got to sleep in! 

Thank you Grand and Daddy for making it so special!!