Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Hour fun!

Reaping the benefits of Grand being in 
town! Roof top happy hours!

And getting to see her boys!

Yellow Belt!

I am so proud of my baby boy for passing
his first belt test!

He is now a yellow belt!

Grand was in town for work and got
to come watch!

His certificate and belt!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Best Friends!

Little brother was pushing as hard as he 
could to swing big brother!

Fun little weekend!

Savanna came over on Friday!
She made her first putt!

Grandad was chasing everyone!

Its a parade!

They were having so much fun!
Savanna was busy drinking out of the water gun!

 A little outdoor lunch!

The boys rode their bike all day !

And were pretty tired!

My cutie!

Friday night we had all the neighborhood 
kids looking at the baby birds 
that had built a nest in our yard!

Checking them out!

And a little tag!

Hunter was watching the big boys do tricks!

And saturday was a pool day!
What a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Home Schooling!

Just kidding! Making silly faces!

And super heroes!

A little racing action!

And I thought they were in the game room
and this is where I found them!!

School Days!

The boys found their shades in the console.
E said take our pic, we look cool.
Notice Hunters, and they wore these into class!

Bret Austin Westbrook II is here!!

Friday morning, April 15th at 2:48 am,
baby Bret came 
to see us a week early!! He is beautiful!!
6lbs 8oz 18.5 inches

Uncle Bret meeting his son for the first time!!

Savanna heading to meet her little brother!

Here she comes!

First meeting!! Aunt Lindsay did so great!!

Three generations of Westbrook men!

The first time I got to hold him!!
I think I got excited!?

Savanna giving me nilla wafers, for the baby!

Meeting his big, big cousin, Easton!

And his big cousin, Hunter!

If we had another baby, this would be us...b/c
we know it would be a boy!!

All 4 cousins!! Good Job Team Westbrook!

Open House!

Hunter and I went to 
the boys' open house. 
Bubba had karate so Hunter
and I had to represent!
Showing me his helper chart!

And where he sits at lunch!

And we stopped by bubbas class and
took this picture of his bulletin board!

A whole lotta nothin!

The boys and I have been emjying the nice weather
(in between the rain). Playing out on
the patio is a favorite activity!!

Snack time!

My BIG boy!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dancing fun!!

These two love to dance!

It was a little cold to swim, so this
kept them entertained!!

The sound we hear...

All day long! inside and out...
but we wouldn't have it any other way!!

My stud!

Big boy loves baseball!! 

So proud!

Hunter Boo is taking off on his balance
bike and Easton is riding like a pro!
I am so proud of my boys!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Athens Fun!

Dad got to go to the Masters for a few days,
so the boys and I headed to Athens!
First stop, braums!

It was yummy!

Easton loves taking pictures!

Then we got to hang out with the boys
at the lake house!

Next stop, Texas Freshwater Fisheries!

The boys loved feeing the catfish!

And watching the dive show!

Next we had lots of races and water balloon fights that
I had to put my phone away for!!

Awe, look at that sweet couple!

Lovin on Grand!

Hunter getting him a kiss too!

I wish I could have heard this convo!

Big boy on a bike!

My sweet BIG Boy!

And....I think they may have missed their daddy!!!