Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break 2016!!

We stayed home for spring break and had a
fun filled week of play dates!!

Hunter's friend Leo came over and the boys
had a blast!

Easton, Hunter and Leo performing
"Drag Me Down"!

Then we saw our friend Sophia and
her sister Emily! They loved seeing each other 
and we took about 10 pictures with them!

Mom had to make a quick run to sams
and the boys apparently love this store!

Scooter race with Charlotte!

Then Annabelle and Charlie came over!
Look at Charlie on his skateboard!

And Annabelle on her bike!

That next morning we woke up to a terrible
hail storm! The boys thought
it was snow!

The boys helping "clean up"!

Insert our day with Piper and Levi!
How did we not get  ONE PIC!!
We had a blast as usual!

Our last day Easton's friend Wyatt came over!
Eating fruit by the foot is fun!

Cute boys!

Here comes little brother!

They were having so much fun
they kind of wore me out!
Three boys is a lot!! HA!!

Hey there handsome!

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