Thursday, March 31, 2016


What a stud!

Three handsome dudes!

Rough life playing golf!!

Happy Easter!!

We went to see everyone in Boerne for

The boys had a great time together,
as usual!!

Worn out, already!? Never!

Little golf action!

And rock throwing!

We're not sure what dad is doing!

Easton pitching to Uncle Brian and Dad at catcher!

Headed to the hunt!

Silly faces!

Love this picture of these two!!

And this one of all four cousins!!

Easton did not want to get a family picture
at the moment!

Becoming a TMNT!

Hunter was more interested in
the balloon maker!

This is a big deal! The week before
he would not even go near the
easter bunny!! 

Easton is his best friend! Lol

What would Easter be without a little
limbo action! 

Finally got a family pic!! 

Braden is too old for a basket.
He uses a plastic bag!! HA


I had to include this. Easton had his first
taste of whataburger on the way home.
He was extremely impressed!! As you can see...

Family pic at the hunt!!
Happy Easter 2016!

Beautiful Girls!

Mary Clair and Savanna!
The only girls in our family....
but man they are beautiful!!

Little Savvy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spa Day?

This was supposed to be a quick trim,
but these big boys ended up getting their
hair washed!!

And hot towels!
Easton and one point said, Mom this is so fun!
I think Hunter is giving me a thumbs up!

Handsome dudes! and Mom was pretty jealous!
They aren't ruined at all!! 

Full Moon!

The moon was so beautiful and
the boys were so funny about it!!
I think they were impressed!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


is officially mush!!
Easton helping Hunter ride his (new to Hunter)
old bike!! Way to go Hunter and
way to go Easton!! I am SO PROUD 
of you both!! YOU make your mommy's heart melt!!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!

The boys getting ready!

Quick Family picture!!

Here goes Hunter!

Go Easton Go!

Look at all these eggs!

And we even won the golden egg!

Easton and Peter Cottontail!
Hunter does not like Peter!

Here comes the train!

The boys needed to ride it twice!

Look at our driver!

Big guy in a little car! HA!!

And what better than to end our fun
day getting ice cream!!


And a close up of our golden egg!
I think Mom and Dad will tear 
into this later!

Baseball Players!!

The boys are getting ready to play baseball!
Tanner has been working with both
of them!
Hoping we get our new tee soon!
I am so impressed with both of my boys!!

Lots of videos!

But Im a proud mommy!

Thanks Daddy for helping US!...
you are the best!!

And one in Slo mo!

Saturday Fun!

First stop, little chef's academy for Ellis' birthday!

Cooking up some pizza!

These two had a lot of fun!

Then we took the boys to D Bat 
and Easton was ready to hit in 
the batting cages! He loves that his name

And Hunter Austin really
needed this hat and bat!!

Shocking that the boys wanted pizza
for dinner since mom never wants it!
Ha! This sign is so perfect!!

Happy Saturday!!