Monday, February 29, 2016

My Big Boy!!

Easton is so hungry when I pick him up
from Museum School!
His favorite spot right now is

My silly boy!

I love you so much big boy!

Happy Baby Shower Baby Bret!

Aunt Lindsay is only 8 weeks away!

We had a great time celebrating Baby Bret!

Big Sister Savanna and her Grand!

Nap time!

Sunday Funday family nap time!

Looks like all my boys were wiped out! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fun Day at home!

Days we have nothing seem to be enjoyed
by ALL 3 of us!

We had to create a collar, name tag
and all sorts of contraptions for Paws 
aka Woof!

And then there's this guy! Wearing two hats!

Final activity of the day...stickers!
Can you guess which is which?

Neighbor Fun!

This incredible weather has meant a lot of time
Easton took this pic of us!

And one of our big boy sitting on his tailgate!

Charlotte, our neighbor came over to
play with the boys!

That soon meant running through the sprinklers
and getting in the hot tub!

Showing off their splashing skills!

I think they were having fun!

Date Night!

Tanner and I went on the best date night!
Dinner and a drive in movie!!

And my beautiful valentines flowers!
Thank you baby!!

Birthday Party Fun!

Easton's friend Max
had his birthday at the flight deck!

Easton loved chasing his friend
Audrey around!

Hunter was shooting hoops with Dad!

The boys had a great time!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hangin' Tough!

Just a normal day

in our house!

Muscles, weapons,

no shirts 

and lots of brotherly love!!

Valentine's Fun!

I was so excited that 
a) I remembered to use my heart cookie cutter
for their lunches
b) that it was a surprise!
I asked them when they got home if they
liked their heart shaped sandwiches 
and they both looked at me and said "huh"?
LOL boys! 

Making cookies!

Looking good E!

Good job H!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Grand and Doll!!

We went to Athens to celebrate with Grand 
and Doll for their birthdays!
Beautiful birthday flowers!

Look at this little hottie!

Fun bday lunch!!

White on white for Grand!

And chocolate for Doll!

Let's celebrate!

Grandad giving Grand her present,
and a kiss!

Grand was crying!! 

Her precious babies!

Hunter, dont smile!! ha!

Only grandmothers can get away
with driving with kids hanging out 
of the sunroof!! 

Fight Club?

Hunter Boo was very concerned about
Easton getting injured!
So he got out the dr kit!

Easton practicing!

Checking on Mom!

Uh oh, getting a shot 
in the forehead is serious!

So glad our boxer is okay, 
thanks to Dr. Alexander!

Sweet Brothers!

The boys were begin so sweet at
bed time!

Easton said, Hunter lay on me and
Hunter did!! WOW

Best Buds!

Nights like these are the best!

Love my sweet boys!