Saturday, December 12, 2015

Athens Fun!

Dad was hunting so we headed to Athens!
First stop, the Parade!!

All bundled up!

Grand and her babies!

They loved all the floats!

The swords were a hit!

And so was seeing Santa on the firetruck!!

Next it was time to bake sugar cookies!

Rollin the dough!


Then the boys made a chain to decorate
Grands christmas tree. We haven't done
this since Bret and I were little (
or had colored lights) SO COOL!

Helping Grand!

They were pretty proud of themselves!

Grandad has a full display of christmas characters this year!
Hunter walked around and got his picture with EACH 

These were for Bubba and Savvy, the 
rest were for him he said! ha!

All in all Easton gave our weekend a Thumbs up!! 

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