Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve!

Grand and Grandad came to see us on New Years Eve,

Having fun doing Legos!

He's even cute on th potty!! 

Easton was on the camera!!

Grand and her boys! 

Snow DAY!!

Easton has been asking for snow ALL
Christmas!! What a wonderful surprise monday 
morning when we woke up to it!! 

He was outside playing in it before
Hunter even woke up!! 

Brotherly Love!

My sitter sent this to me the other day!
Made me so happy (and I liked
knowing they wren't trying to kill each other!)

Christmas in Perryton and Boerne!

Headed out to Boerne for Christmas!

We got there and boarded the plane for 

The boys did so good! 

First stop, Aunt Krista and Uncle Kirks house!

Granny looked and felt so good!

My handsome hubby and I!

Hunter and his friend!

Cousin picture!

Easton was such a good helper carrying in 

Girl picture!
Granny, Mommy, Aunt Tobi, Mah and Halston!

Mommy and Tobi being silly!

All the great grandchildren giving Granny 
her Christmas gift!

Granny and Papaw giving Easton
and Hunter their Christmas gift!

Headed back! look at Eastons legs!!

We woke up Christmas morning at 
Tobi and Brians house!
Santa came to visit, again!

We did not do a good job at picture taking!! 
We were all having too much fun!! 

Easton, Jaxon and Hunter! 

Dr. Alexander

Half storm trooper, half Dr.

The boys had so much fun doing the archery
If you look closely, Easton was shooting the bow!

Then it was Braden and Jaxon's turn! 

And then Hunter Boo even got a turn!
Thank you Mah and Poppy for such a 
wonderful christmas!! 

Christmas in Athens!

Our gingerbread house!

Uh oh, an early gift opening!?

Cheers to Grand and all her hard work!

Christmas Eve success!

Preparing for gift opening!

All the cousins!

The boys were having a great time!

Do you spy a super hero?

Fun with their new stuff!

Putting cookies out for santa!

Look at these little elves!

Merry Christmas!

Looks like Santa came to visit!! 

Easton opening his new tool bench!

Hunter playing with his new truck!

Santa also brought cordless microphones!
Our first concert!

And lastly, mom and dad got a date night
Sunday night! movie time!

Thank you Grand and Grandad for an amazing

The force awakens!

Could they be any cooler?!
I wasn't sure who was who?!

Easton's first boot shine!

Easton was so excited to have his first 
boot shine!

The guy was so awesome and didn't even
want to charge us b/c they were having so 
much fun!

He was so proud and likes to show