Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Part II!

The boys ( I mean Dad) did 
so good carving their pumpkins!

Working so hard!

And they turned out so cute!!

Then we did arts and crafts with Grand!

Learning how to sew! 

And Hunter and mommy made cool bats!

So cute!

Good job big boy!

So then Easton decided it was time
for mommy and grandad to put on our costumes!
He had been insisting for two weeks that
Grand and Mommy be the cheerleaders and
Dad and Grandad to be Tony Romo.
So my uniforms were brought all the way from Athens, haha
and his face was priceless when I put it on!

I explained I would be cold and I probably
needed to put on my cold weather gear and finally 
he agreed. (Thank goodness!!) So i didn't have to walk around in
my uniform around the neighbors!!

And then Grandad popped out as 
"hurt" Tony!! We couldn't quit laughing!
Sling and all!
Thanks Grandad for being such a good sport!
We changed Hunter to Dez Bryant for the night!

The Tony's headed out!

Hunter aka the bad guy aka Dez Bryant!

What a fun night!

The boys were worn out after all the 
trick or treating!
Happy Halloween!! 

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