Sunday, November 29, 2015


It's our favorite thing to do!! 

Laughter is the best medicine!!

We were so tickled at Savanna getting 
so tickled at Easton! Her laugh is truly
one of a kind!!! 

Once a superhero...

Always a super hero!
Serious convo between spider man
and batman!

Thanks Grandad for the cool pjs!
They rock!!

Rain can't slow us down!

We had lots of rain over Thanksgiving,
but we had lots of entertainment!

Who's this big kid listening to music?

Or these two hanging out??

We headed down to look at ATV's!

The boys had a blast and loved
anything blue!

Just your size big boy!

Next stop, TSC. Where Easton picked
out a truck and Hunter picked out...a can
of pretzels?!

Dad and his three kids?!? 

The fun continues!

Heather and her girls came to see us!

Easton and Hunter were showing Alice
their dancing and singing skills!

Savanna and Alice!

And Alice had some mad head stand skills!!

Trying to get a group pic!


Heather and the two littlest ladies!

What a fun time!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Look at all these goodies!!

Lots of desserts means serious nap time!

And Easton got to go hunting for the first time
with Dad!!

Cousin Love!
The boys are pretty smitten with Mary Claire!

Kisses anyone?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Cuts!

Apparently the boys needed haircuts!

Easton said "to eat a big turkey"!
We are ready now!

It's beginning to look a lot like...

An elf?

And a snowman?! And yes we wore these
to town!!

My little Fisherman!

Tanner took the boys to Stillwater this weekend
(Where E got his big fish)!
As soon as they got home they were ready to go fish 

I love how happy this makes them!!

Easton's turn!!

Look at the size of 
this catfish Easton caught
all by himself!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

A good week!

We've been having some 4 Yr old
tantrums lately..but this cutie
has been so happy and sweet this week!
I asked if he was going to his press conference?

Handsome boy!

And then he loves doing the dishes??

And we dared him to jump in the cold water
and he did!!
He didn't last for long though!
I love you Easton K!
Mommy has to remember little things 
aren't little when you're little!


We had to make a quick trip to 
the museum today!

Construction working was the most fun!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fishing Fun!

Easton, Hunter, Braden and Jaxon
went fishing when we were in Stillwater
a couple weeks ago!

Easton caught ALOT of perch ALL
by himself!!

Hunter and Jaxon!

And Hunter Boo caught a big ole catfish
with just a little help!!

Office Job!

Easton had to go into work today.
With a tie and glasses!

Where does he get this stuff? 
Pretty sure Dad doesn't wear either!

While Dad is away...

The boys will...

Dress up...

and do manual labor!!

Whew, Grandad puts us to work Mom!

Stacking firewood!

Mom and Hunter worked on
pine cone ornaments!

What a great fire Easton!!

Doll is hilarious!!

Wish I knew what was so funny!!

Easton pretending to be like 

And I think Dad was pretty excited to see us 
when he got home!