Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cabo Wabo!

Tanner and I went to Cabo 
to celebrate our 5 year anniversary 
and our birthdays!

One must have a Tecate upon landing!

And we headed straight to the pool!

Little round of golf!

The views were spectacular!

Dinner on the beach!

A special thank you to Mah and Poppy
for letting us crash your anniversary and 
having us for the weekend! 
We had a blast!

And..while we were playing at the beach,
the boys were playing at Grand and Grandads!

Golf action?

Safari had its own little carnival
and the boys had a blast doing the cake walk!

And fishing for ducks!

And being silly in the photo booth!

Lunch for two??

And Grandad captured this when we got back!!
It was so good to see them!! 

Happy Everything!!
A special thank you to Grand and Grandad for keeping 
our boys and letting us go on a wonderful
We are blessed to have awesome parents
and grandparents!
We love everyone!! 

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