Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Mah and Poppy came to see us this weekend!
And what a fun surprise...
Tobi, Brian and the boys surprised us!!

Easton had to put his jacket on like Jaxon!

I think the boys were a little excited!!

Selfie time with Braden!

These boys are a mess!

Cake time with Poppy!

What a fun weekend!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

More Rainy Day Fun!

When your 4 yr old says, "Mom, we
haven't been to Mi Cocina in awhile!!

Who are these two being sweet to each other??

And then baking brownies at 8:00!

And licking the batter!

What a perfect Friday night!!

Rainy Day Fun!!

Umbrella, Rain coat & rain boots....Check!

Going to the park...check!

Being silly with my brother...check!!

These two...priceless!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birthday Party Weekend!

We went to 3 out of 4 birthdays this weekend!
Now thats a record! 

First stop Anna and Elsa!

Easton was a stud on the piƱata! 

Next stop pumpkin making and tattoos 
and balloon making! 

Hunter loved watching his balloon being made!

Bunny please! 

Then onto candy land!
Kissing the ice cream balloon!

What a fun weekend! 


Easton came in before school to show me what he was wearing.
(this what not the outfit I picked out). He does 
not like wearing what I pick out.
So he came out dressed like this and said,
"Mom, do I look cool"? I said you sure do!
Much cooler than the outfit I selected! 

My cuties leaving the mall with their 
little bitty sacks. It's the little things, right!!

Now that we have a big boy bed in Easton's room, we
get to have family reading EVERY NIGHT!!
The boys love it and mom and dad really do like it too!

Ready for Christmas!

The boys were having so much fun
in the Christmas section picking out
what we should get for our yard!

They pretty much wanted everything!

Lets see what Dad approves of!

We miss Summer!

Summer came to see us all the way from 
NYC! Easton had a flower for her (a twig from a tree)
and asked me to wrap it in tissue paper with a ribbon!
I wish I had taken a picture!
He loves his girls!


Easton is loving wearing his boots, jeans
and new belt buckle from Aunt Jill!

And my little Hunter Boo, rides around half naked
With his skate boarding hat!!

Somebody got a MOHAWK!

Easton has been asking for awhile,
so I took him yesterday!
He was so excited to show it off!

My handsome little rock star!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Party Time!

Partying with the little princess!

Savvy, you did good on your first cake!!

Ice Cream Faces!

We let the boys sit together in the booth!
They were actually good!
Easton said, Mom take our pic!

Hunter Boo had many faces for us!


We had a long line of traffic!
Equipped with helmets and all!
Thanks Piper and Levi for coming
to play!!

Brother Brownie Bakin Time!

Supporting our teams!

Tony Romo

In da house!

Car Wash!

Easton insist on a clean truck...
and now Hunter needs a clean golf cart!
I don't know where they got this?!?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Who needs grass?

Tanner and I are so ready for grass and a yard!
The boys on the other hand love the dirt!

The boys were playing with 
their dump trucks and then decided to
take a nap in the dirt!

And of course, they thinking doing
"this" is really cool!! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cabo Wabo!

Tanner and I went to Cabo 
to celebrate our 5 year anniversary 
and our birthdays!

One must have a Tecate upon landing!

And we headed straight to the pool!

Little round of golf!

The views were spectacular!

Dinner on the beach!

A special thank you to Mah and Poppy
for letting us crash your anniversary and 
having us for the weekend! 
We had a blast!

And..while we were playing at the beach,
the boys were playing at Grand and Grandads!

Golf action?

Safari had its own little carnival
and the boys had a blast doing the cake walk!

And fishing for ducks!

And being silly in the photo booth!

Lunch for two??

And Grandad captured this when we got back!!
It was so good to see them!! 

Happy Everything!!
A special thank you to Grand and Grandad for keeping 
our boys and letting us go on a wonderful
We are blessed to have awesome parents
and grandparents!
We love everyone!!