Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cousin Camp 2015

What fun we had with our friends!

Staring off with pizza and fun at Janny's!

Hunter and Piper "resting"

Hunter, Mommy and Easton

Easton and Piper showing off
for each other!

Easton fixing something for her!

So proud of my big boy for jumping off
the board for the first time!
Thank you Piper for starting the
jumping competition!

Grandad and the boys!

Love Easton's reaction in this shot!

Levi doing his acrobat moves!

Group pic!
Hunter, Piper, Ivy, Levi and Easton

They were so goofy at this point!

We decided to do this again next year and bring
Savanna and it will be a true cousins camp!

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