Sunday, August 30, 2015

My little sharks!

Sometimes bath time is REALLY fun!

They were having a great time!

My little cuties!

We've got moves!

I asked the boys if they wanted to send 
Dad a picture while he was out of town...

These were the poses..

Not sure if they were throwing up
gang signs or what?!?

Hand prints!

We had our concrete poured last week!
Somehow Easton's pic didn't take :(
At least we have one of Hunter!

Family hands!

Whew, that was hard work!

In case of Emergency!

We have a firefighter and construction worker
on hand!

Showing me the full outfit!

Serious faces!

And Easton getting ready for his
calendar shoot!!

Twinkle toes!

Somehow Hunter got my flip flops 
on! And he loved them... don't tell Dad!

Cooking lessons!

If only I had a video of that this really looked like!

They were stirring so fast batter was 
But it tasted great :)

Too cool for the pool!

Who is this kid? He was 
"laying out"

Wearing our new sunglasses!

Which ultimately made them too cool!

Nice shades!

Who needs a dentist?

Easton told us he thought 
Hunter's 2 yr molars were coming in?!
We said, Really?? So he checks and sure
enough, there they were! We may
have a dentist in the house!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All you need is love!

Hunter Boo got in trouble 
for throwing rocks at the guy
building our pool!
We were so embarrassed and Tanner
promptly disciplined him!
He then runs over to bubba
and won't let go!
We finally had to start filming...
and try to not laugh they were so cute!!
Thanks Big brother for taking care of him!! 


Morning drive to get the mail!
Love Hunters' feet up...bc
apparently thats what Mommy does?

Delivering a package!

Shower time!
These two spend every waking minute together!
I know y'all fight and argue, but
you really do love each other so much,
it makes mommy and daddy so proud!! 

Three Men...

Golfing! And they couldn't be any cuter!

Silence while on the putting green...

Such a proud daddy!

All three practicing! Serious moment!

Cousin Camp 2015

What fun we had with our friends!

Staring off with pizza and fun at Janny's!

Hunter and Piper "resting"

Hunter, Mommy and Easton

Easton and Piper showing off
for each other!

Easton fixing something for her!

So proud of my big boy for jumping off
the board for the first time!
Thank you Piper for starting the
jumping competition!

Grandad and the boys!

Love Easton's reaction in this shot!

Levi doing his acrobat moves!

Group pic!
Hunter, Piper, Ivy, Levi and Easton

They were so goofy at this point!

We decided to do this again next year and bring
Savanna and it will be a true cousins camp!

John Deere, John 3:16

Our little cowboy!
It fits him so perfectly! 

Little lasso with the little bro!

Ya'll melt my heart!

And a super hero to end the night!

Super Heroes!

Aunt Lindsay went to Cabo, and look
what she brought back! 

The boys loved their costumes!

And entertained Savanna the whole time!

Such sweet cousins!!

I wish I would have recorded her laughing 
at silly Easton!

Travelin to P'town!

It was so good to see
Granny and hang out 
with her all weekend!

The boys were naked half the time!

Checking out the horses!

Easton asked Papaw to play cars
with him on the floor...and he did!

Peeing off the ledge before we left!

Family pic to end a great weekend!