Friday, July 31, 2015

Fun in the hot, hot sun!

My handsome and silly boys!!

So cute in their hats!

Riding the truck with Ella!

Hunter, stop!! So funny watching
Easton and Ella chase him down!

A little tennis action!

Little brother driving...again!

Hold on Easton!

The Hilgers are in town!

We had such a fun time with Heather and 
her family while they were in Texas!
Here is Alice jumping high!

And little Elsie is getting so big!!

Fun in the splash pool! 

And why not a little yoga while
on the slip n slide?

They were so funny!

And I think they had fun!

We attempted a picture of all the kids! 

Now we have Easton!

And "adult" time for Heathers birthday!

What a fun night!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Special Talent!

We're not sure how this started! 
We've been trying to capture it on film,
this was the best we got!
The boys can sleep while standing...apparently!

Jordan and Rickie!

My two little golfers!
We have to wear our hats
and golf clothes to go hit balls!

Hunter said "I need hat"!

Off to the front yard!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sting Em!

I had this shirt on and easton asked if 
he could wear it to bed.  It looked 
"his size"

I said sure! 

But Mom, we have to tuck it in !!

These two!!

We had to have baseball hats...

With the tags on them and a 
jar full of animal cookies to make it through!

Quick ride before school!

The boys had their last day of summer fun
last week! We were late bc every 
morning we have to take a spin 
in the truck! 
Hunter's many faces crack me up!

Hows this?

Like a school portrait maybe?

Is this good?

Easton is so consistent!

And they're off!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Hunter Boo!!

How are you 2 years old!?
Time needs to slow down!!
This was our birthday dinner,
the boys picked Chili's...their favorite.
Because you can have pizza and play games!

Showing me his birthday sprinkle cookie!

Big brother showing us his monster cookie!

This was earlier in the day!
My cute boys!

We played and played!

Hunter dressed up in his new cape
(thank you aunt summer)

And I saved the best for last!
Birthday blueberry muffins!

So happy!

I love you so much baby boy!!
You are the funniest, happiest
and cutest little boy.
We love you soooo much!! 

I love this so much! bubba loved singing to you
and I love watching you both smile!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Head Start!

Learning how to give a head start!

Round offs anyone? Easton's turn!

And Hunter's turn! 

Hunter's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Dinner with the family friday night!

We had a little party for Hunter Boo!
What a great time with all his cousins (and Piper
and Levi which are technically cousins)

The lighting is so bad in these pictures!
Easton and Hunter posing in front 
of the birthday set up!

They did not want to stand together!

And look what Hunter, wait Easton got
for his birthday!?! haha

Is that piper coming?? UH oh!

Hunter was so good to let Bubba drive!

All. DAY. Long

Look at these 2 cuties!

And an awesome new push bike!!! 

Zoom in to see Levi's very satisfied grin!
This is the life!

Braden pushing hunter!

All the kiddos!

Homecoming parade!

Hold on tight P!

Birthday "popsicle"

This is good!

Let's have 2!

These two headed out of town!

Hunter getting ready to blow out his candle!

Happy Birthday Hunter Austin!!

Mom, Dad, Hunter, Easton, Jaxon, Braden and Houston!

Grand and Hunter blowing bubbles!

Mommy and Hunter!

These 2 look like trouble!

Trying to steal multiple capri suns!

Proud grandparents!

Present time!

Hunter loved his new golf clubs!

Now a little book reading...

More proud grandparents and Aunt!