Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making Memories!

We have spent most of the weekend golfing and
Easton is loving hitting the ball
and getting a few lessons from his dad!

Like Father like Son!

This was what Hunter Boo was doing
during our outing!

Can anyone find Easton!?

Does it get any better than this!!?

Uh oh, Hunter Austin is ready now!

So proud of my little golfers!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tiger Jr.?

So proud of my big boy! He told me
Dad said his swing was looking really good!!

My three handsome men!

They love our apt pool!

Almost as much as they love ice cream!

So happy!

Breakfast of champions for this big boy!
He has had such a good appetite this summer!

Hot summer days!

Are made for watching golf with Dad!

Going on train rides!

Or wearing beanies??

Pudding Pop Fun!

We made pudding pops today
and Hunter wanted the whole box!

Easton thought they were yummy too!

I said smile!

Then I said, do your serious faces!
So Easton dies laughing and Hunter does this?!

Young Love!!

If only we could have heard their conversation!
Easton + Piper = Love 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


MY baby is getting too good at this thing!
Hunter Austin you aren't even 2 yet!!

The Club!

The boys asked if Dad would go off the high dive!
And of course he did! Watching intently...

But Easton said he wasn't impressed??!
Tough crowd!!

Fathers Day Fun!!

Most of our weekend was spent outside, naked
well the kids were naked I should say!

Savanna Grace made her arrival and
we were all very excited!!

Kisses from her big cousin!

The boys love her so much!!

Grand and all her grand babies, including Rampage!!

Who let these two out on the town? Driving
Uncle Bret's car!

Lindsay and I showed up in the same shirt, supporting
OGD, LLC of course!

Wonder what these two were talking about?

Easton said he was telling ghost stories! 

Cousin time in the pool! This was minutes before
I realized I better put my suit on! 

Dad being the big kid he is!!

More kisses!!

And hugs!

How cute are all these babies with GREAT AUNT DOLL!

Dad opening his fathers day presents!!

Happy Fathers Day 2015 to these
2 amazing fathers!!

Dad and Hunter telling secrets!

The boys were cuddling with Grandad on the couch!

So sweet!

Easton said Mom come on lets all cuddle!

Galyord Texan!

Braden and Jaxon were in town last week and
we had so much fun with them at
The Gaylord water park! (Minus the 5ft snake) 

Posing for us!

This was a serious convo!

Such handsome boys!!

On our way to Athens for fathers day!
I think they were worn out!?

My boys!

We've had a lot of time together this summer!

We had to buy Hunter a new helmet for his scooter.
So he wore it in the store!

And Easton was positive this was the bike he
needs for his bday! Maybe a little big baby!! 

Easton said, mom get my picture, Hunter was 
not into it!

Safari Splash!

The boys had so much fun at Safari Splash!

Easton and Tara's little friend Iris!

All three at once, tough picture to get! 

Slow down boys!! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun at Home!

Days we don't have anything to do are 
the best!
Easton wanted to crawl into bed with Hunter!

Hunter thought it was hilarious!

I can't believe my almost 2 year old is
riding his big brothers scooter!!

I could not figure out what was so funny,
but apparently it's the little things...
bc they did this about 20 times!! 

Busy Week!

Easton really wanted to make a toy house, 
with tiny furniture. So WE did! 
It was a lot of fun!

My BIG boy, taking a break!

Shootin some hoops!

They love each other so much!!

So happy!

Grand and Grandad after dinner!

Grand and I headed to NY to see

The boys were in good hands with Dad, Mah and Poppy!

And when I got home, flowers from
all three of my boys!