Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!!

We went to Boerne to see Mah and Poppy and
Tobi and Brian and the boys for Easter.
The Easter Extravaganza was so fun!

Petting the pretty horse!

The Easter bunny rode in on a horse! Easton had
to chase him down to say hi!

Hunter was not so sure about him!

But I was so excited to get a family pic!

Face painting time!

Batman and spiderman!

And were off!

Good job boys!

Almost done!

So excited about all the eggs they got!

Now time to drive the tractor!

Or dance before the hay ride!

Easton said ok mom lets be silly!
Um, one of us isn't participating! 

Hunter and poppy!

All the boys, minus Hunter!

Counting eggs!

One tuckered out boy!! I love this pic!

And the next day, they were still so excited!! 
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!

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