Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Boys!

After taking a little dip in the pool! 

And Easton told me he's an Army Ranger!
Let's get this out of his system now, right
Uncle Bret!! 

My World!!

These 3 just make my heart melt!
After bath time they ran to give their 
daddy a big hug!! Priceless!

We like when Grand comes to town for work!

The boys were so excited to see her!

Breakfast with Grandad!

Lunch with Grand! 

Don't work too hard Grand!

3 boys...

and a john deer tractor!

Easton, Hunter and Roman had such a blast
entertaining their parents! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little Fishermen!

Easton catching his first of 11 perch
at our pond in our new neighborhood!

Hunter catching his first perch too!! 

The boys were loving it!! 

And I was loving watching them...
 and fishing go course too!

Easton found the perfect little spot!

And Hunter did too!

April Fun!

This pic was posted at Easton's school of the day
they released their butterflies! I love his and Evie's faces!! 

Some bubba is tired...some bubba is not! 

Ice cream makes everything better!

I didn't think he was watching me...
but looks like he was!! He's a dipper!

Target is so much fun...especially since
we seem to be on the fireman's schedule!

This is how we snack! 

And I found this kid half way in the sink
trying to be a big boy and wash his hands
all by himself!


Two little men

Playing tennis...

half naked! 

I got this, Mom!

I wish I could have had this on video.

The boys got home from school, I put Hunter down first.
Easton said, " Mom, I have some work to do. Why don't 
you go lay down and I'll watch the monitor." He takes it and
hits the screen so he can see Hunter. And ask me again
to go rest! He has his "work", his cookie and his monitor. 
I said, ok!
This boy!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lake house fun!

Easton found his own spot, cast it and caught his first
fish off the dock at the lake house! 

Look at Grandad's! 

Boat ride!

It was a beautiful saturday for a boat ride!

Easton fishing off the side of the boat!

Happy Days!

Uh oh, someone is getting tired!

Sunday morning bubble party!

And a ninja turtle meeting!
The gangs all here!

Easton said he was doing his "cool" pose!


Easton giving Savvy kisses!

The boys love watching Savanna crawl! Way to go big girl!

Hunter what are you doing with my toy??

Watching Savanna take her own bottle
was pretty impressive to the boys!

My Sweetie Pies!

It's 80 degrees and Hunter 
loves wearing his beanie!

I love days when the love each other!!!

Hi Mom!


That was funny!!

Serious convo!

Grandad and Easton having an intense
convo about Old Maid!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!!

We went to Boerne to see Mah and Poppy and
Tobi and Brian and the boys for Easter.
The Easter Extravaganza was so fun!

Petting the pretty horse!

The Easter bunny rode in on a horse! Easton had
to chase him down to say hi!

Hunter was not so sure about him!

But I was so excited to get a family pic!

Face painting time!

Batman and spiderman!

And were off!

Good job boys!

Almost done!

So excited about all the eggs they got!

Now time to drive the tractor!

Or dance before the hay ride!

Easton said ok mom lets be silly!
Um, one of us isn't participating! 

Hunter and poppy!

All the boys, minus Hunter!

Counting eggs!

One tuckered out boy!! I love this pic!

And the next day, they were still so excited!! 
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!