Thursday, February 26, 2015

So proud of my big boy!

We've had lots of time together this week 
to practice spelling our name! He told me after we 
got the "E" down he needed a break! LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 2 being iced in!

Hunter decided to take a really really
short nap, so he shot birds out the window
while bubba snoozed away! 

I was pretending like I was sleeping and
he was so distracted! 

Uh oh, now we got the machine gun out!

Bubba is up and making us laugh as usual!! 
Hunter can't figure out what's funnier, Bubba or the hiccups! 

Our new Apt!

We spent our first night in the apartment and
the boys loved it! 

We even made a fire!

Having a snack!

No school and lots of ice!

Easton making an ice angel!

Having fun with Dad!

Hunter kept yelling GO!! Easton was
loving it! 

Easton told me, "Mom, living at the apt is a lot of fun"!
I am so glad they are liking it!! 

Last night in our house!

Wednesday was the last night for the boys in our
home. We are in an apt, temporarily until
our new home is built!

Tanner and I were a little emotional, but the
boys are just excited! 

Easton's video!

My big boys!

Big Boy!

Hunters video!

We had to take turns doing a family pic!

Dad and his boys! 
We have loved our home on Bailey Ave!
But we are also excited about our new adventure!

Boys will be boys!

Can you believe we actually went somewhere
with the boys dressed like this?

They wanted to wear this and I said yes....

Thankfully they stayed in the car! 

Sweet brothers!

Dress up time!

No more pics please!

Ok, one more if I can pose!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines- It's a family affair!

My sweet hubby sent me flowers and bundt cakes
for Valentines! He was out of town surprising
his Granny for her 80th Birthday! 

Easton made me a heart out of sand...
and asked if we could put it in the oven!
Thank you baby!

Enjoying our bundt cakes!

Savvy came to see us and Hunter
was in heaven!

This is a hand.

Posing for the camera!

My awesome dad that helped us move
some of furniture with his big trailer!

The boys thought it was super cool!

Telling secrets with Grand!

And heart pancake waffles of course! 

Last but not least...when waiting to go to dinner,
we throw clothes on the floor, eat pretzels off the rug,
and watch Grandad dance to Carrie and Miranda!


I don't even know what is happening here!

Eating yogurt together!

Hunter loves his yogurt, Easton
is still unsure!

Valentine Party Fun!

Easton and I went to Hunter's little
class party!

Hunter was so excited to have Bubba!

What's that on your shirt?! Haha!

Chatty Cathy!

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago
when we made Rice Krispie Treats!

Let it Go!

With Easton singing all these lullabies, Hunter
decided he would too! 
Sing it Elsa!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Twinkle, Twinkle!

I had to secretly film him, that's why you're 
watching a video of the road! But oh how sweet his
little voice is!!! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Safari Fun!

This was the only time we left all weekend!
Easton does not like to go anywhere, but outside when 
were at Grand and Grandads!
But I did talk him into going to  Kens, my our favorite spot! 

Smile for Grandad!

Easton taking a picture of his mom!

The boys getting ready to go fishing!

Silly boys!

Off with Dad and Grandad!

Look at that fish! Way to go big boy! 

Little brother was impressed!!

Hunter wanted to touch it!

Walking with Grand!

Oh the sun is so bright, Easton has the camera again!

By lake!

Headed to find Zeb! Look who got his license!

There he is!