Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Athens part II

Christmas morning! Notice they walk right past the 
teepee, b/c Easton said, "I asked Santa for a train"!

Grand and her elves!


Hunter trying to give Savanna kisses!

Beautiful little elf!

Being silly!

Proud grandparents!

And parents! 

I walked in to check on Easton on
Christmas Day and this is how I found him
napping! I think he was tired!

Christmas in Athens!

Playing in their favorite spot!

The boys and their gingerbread house!

Easton did so good!

I was very impressed with his skills!!

So detailed!

Thumbs up big boy!

Hunter was done and off to more
activities with Grandad!

Meanwhile, I hung out with Tony!

Playing Mario cart together!

Me and Savvy 

Uncle Bret and Savanna!


Where's the mistletoe?!

Taking cookies to set out for Santa!

We're all ready!! 

Christmas with our cousins!

Hunter and Daddy!

Brado, Daddy and Hunter

Getting ready to open gifts!

Smiling with Aunt Tobi!

Hunter was so excited about this shirt.
I think he thought it was a new lovie?

And Tony Romo even showed up!!

Best Cousins!

Tony! How's it going??

Hunter riding on his cousins new bike!

Jaxon and Easton

Mommy and our quarterback

Two cute boys!

I think he liked this costume?

Another cousins pic...

and of course one with the girl next door!

Out for pizza!

Hunter waving hi!

Christmas Cheer!

Baking cookies with Grand!

Easton loves to make cookies!

Hunter really wanted to help out!

Alice Hilgers came to see us all
the way from Lincoln, Nebraska!

I love these girls!

And our friendship!!

All of our kids, minus Tara's!

And Elsie, she took a snoozer. Traveling is tough!

The proper way to use a sit n spin

You get on your belly first. 

Then make sure everyone is watching..

And there you have it!

The perfect pose. Namaste