Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had so much fun in Perryton for

Hunter found a cabbage patch car that 
he thought was the perfect size! 

Granny and Hunter!

All the cousins playing outside!

Easton watching his cousins shoot!

That was a good cookie!

Mommy and Hunter!

Daddy and Easton! Go Frogs!

Enjoying pizza on friday!

Smiling with Mah!

Headed out to get Jaxon's deer!

It was a successful hunt for all the boys!!
Way to go DAD!

What a beauty :)

Two deer in 2 days, pretty impressive!

And look at Brado's deer!!

And Jaxon's!! Way to go boys!

Family Picture
Thanksgiving 2014

And ending our fun week with cousin
wrestling, which they did a lot of this week!! 

Monday, November 24, 2014


We met Jill, Piper and Levi at north park
this morning to check out the
Christmas Trains! 

Trying to get all the kiddos to smile!

Love this...


And then lunch! 

I mean it was a very hands on lunch!

Hunter literally pulling pipers hair! 

And then we decided to show off our 
ab muscles! 

Check this out! 

So proud! 

Please do not let Gene Blanton see this!! 

Savanna's Sip and See!

The boys had so much fun and were
so glad they got to be a part of
baby Savanna's big day!

All dressed up!

Being silly


Uncle Bret, Connie and Savanna! 

Aunt Lindsay showing off her adorable outfits!

Hunter and Janny discussing dogs!

Love this pic!!

The ladies "sipping"!

Lots of wonderful food!
What a wonderful day of celebrating my FAVORITE

Fun weekend at Grand and Grandad's!

Easton has his own wall size portrait
of himself! Or I guess of "ROY"!

Hanging out with mommy and pedro!

Hunter spends most of his time eating 
and/or in the pantry!

Posing for a picture for me!

Being silly!

Having a serious convo about his army men!

This is so fun!

Grandad expelling what every guy does 
and where to position them. 

I actually think Easton as listening! 

Hunter in the tent!

Hi mom! 

Another snack!