Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Decorating!

Hunter thought these were balls and wanted
to kick them and carry them around!

Easton and Dad working meticulously
on his pumpkin!

Hunter taking off every piece I was putting on!

Ok, Were ready!

Oh lord, Easton says! Little brother is a mess!

Ok, were done! Great job boys!! 

Pirate and Cowboy!

All of our pumpkins!
Happy Halloween from 
Easton and Hunter!

Halloween Gremlins!

Baking our halloween treats!

The boys did so good decorating!

Hunter throwing candy everywhere! 

Success! I think they look more like spiders!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bed time fun!

We got home from dinner a couple nights ago
and we stripped the boys down for their baths. 
I turned around and this was Hunter, showing us his belly!

Easton thought it was so funny,
so he wanted a turn!

Then, they wanted to do it together!

So funny!! 

Hunter wanted to do it again! It's bath time boys!
Never a dull moment! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Fun!!

Pumpkin painting!

Glitter was EVERYWHERE! And Mommy loved it!

Cool pumpkin baby!

Annabelle working on hers!

Easton and Mommy decorating!

Easton played laser tag in the dark tent with the 7-8
year olds! I was so proud!

Getting his gun ready!

But he was not ready for the pony ride!
See ya! 

But Hunter said yes! That was after a kid
spilled apple cider all down him. Oops!

Here we go!

Ride 'em Cowboy!

He was a pro!

Daddy and Easton on the hayride!

Mommy and Hunter

Batman was right beside us and the 
moon was peeking behind the trees!
Happy Halloween! 

Ft Worth Air Show!

We went to the air show on Sunday and 
had so much fun!

The boys loved seeing the jets doing all
their tricks!

2 of the jets making cool designs!

The boys were loving it!

Right before it started. Hunter Boo was
taking a cat nap :)

A guy parachuted holding on to the american
flag right when the show started! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Golf course Fun!

Instead of hitting balls, the boys decided to roll around
and pose for pictures. 

And eat mints...

I was totally okay with this! 

Boo at the Zoo!

The boys had so much fun at Boo
at the Zoo!

Easton said he was protecting Hunter!

Enjoying some dip and dots with Dad!

Carousel ride!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time for our check up!

Easton did so great at the dentist!
His check up was superb!

Hunter had his first check up and his
was awesome too!

Apparently the dentist office is fun!?
They seemed to be having a great time!

So sweet!

Target run with Mom and Grandad! 

This is were they were sitting when I came out!


We had so much fun at the TCU game! 

The boys were enjoying popcorn and cheering
for both teams!! 

My little froglets! 

Easton actually said he's a cowboy that
says Go frogs! Hey that works! 

It was soooo hot but the boys made it all
the way to half time! We were impressed!!