Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Galveston aka Athens 2014!!

We were supposed to head to Galveston for a few days...
but after seeing all the rain in the forecast, we decided a stay cation
at Grand and Grandad's would be just as fun!
Starting off with lunch at Railway before the guys
headed to golf!

Hunter loved his food!

All smiles!! 

And we spent most of the time in some sort of water!!

Easton was worn out!

Oh, he's ready to go again!

Hunter's got the water gun! Watch out!

What's better than playing with the hose?

Easton and Killer taking a selfie while we were

Then, we had a stare down with this guy!

Hunter giving Kill some lovin!

And Tanner and I even got to go on a "day date"!!

And the coolest surprise of all was our new (to us) lake house!!
As you can see the pool needs a lot of work and that is the first project!
I figured this would be a good "before" picture!
We are so excited!

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