Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easton and MC!

Easton loves him some Mary Claire! I just 
hate to break it to him that they are cousins!!! 

Our new hugging style!

This is our new way of hugging! Go in 
from behind and then pull Hunter back...

Get him in position and squeeze!

Still squeezing!

Okay, this is a little better!
I love ya'lls little hugs, but y'all make mommy 
nervous sometimes!!

Bret and Lindsay's Couple Shower!

Bret and Linsday's Fort Worth friends held a 
couples shower for them last Saturday! 
Such a great time!

Baby pics!

Setting up the room!

Family of 3...almost 4!

Dessert table!

The girls!

Playing the Parent Question game!!

A little swaddling competition!

I don't think Bret won?! Arms in, guys!! 

Gift table!

Me and this hot guy I found!

Another handsome man!! 

The Westbrook and Alexander men!

I thought this pic was so funny...

Proud Grandparents!

Grand being sassy!! 

Me and the beautiful mommy to be!! 

Melissa, Lindsay and me!

Bret still wearing this "soon to be dad" medal!

Lindsay and her Momma!! We can't
wait to meet Savanna Grace Westbrook!!

Easton and Hunter's 1st time bowling!

I forgot Tanner had these on his phone!
We took the boys bowling for Hunter's 
actual birthday! Going to pick out their bowling balls!

Trying to carry two!

Dad which one do you think I should get?

Family picture!
Ok, so we only made it 30 minutes, but we
still had a blast!

Next stop, dinner!

Dad and Easton fighting over the roll!

Kissing my big boy!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Music!

Our last day of music was so fun!

Hunter didn't even want to sit still!

Easton helping out! 

Mom, Hunter, Easton and Destiny!

Easton and his new smile! Lol

And we had to get a picture by the sign!

All these boys!

Tara came to visit today and brought her nephew 
and her big boys!! We had so much fun!

The boys doing their tricks! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family Fun!!

We had so much fun at Mah and Poppy's this past weekend!
Easton, Brado and Jaxo hanging out!

Having lunch, pool side!

Hey Easton, what does this do?

Wagon ride with Poppy!

This is fun!

Tanner and all the kiddos!

Family pic!! 

I love my boys!

Easton and Charlie

Cousins picture!!

Family picture! 
What a fun weekend with Mah's family!
Lots of laughs, food and fun!