Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cabo Wabo Part 1! (in absolutely no order!)

On the way to the airport! 

Easton was so excited to see his big cousins!! 

At the golf course trying to take a selfie! 
Next time we will smile!

Getting ready for dinner...all the cousins!

Hunter and his sucker! 

Easton & Mah waving at us during take off!

Hunter passed out! 

But when we got there he and Easton
were full of kisses! 

Aunt Tobi and Hunter at dinner!

All the guys golfing! 

On our way to the beach! 

Heading out for the day! 

About to go to dinner!

Easton loved the mariachi guys!

Jaxon, Brado, Tobi and Brian!

Hunter's first time touching the sand!!

Checking out everyone on the beach!

First boat ride for Hunter...

And Easton!! 

This is how Easton looked most of the time,
he loves his goggles!

Hunter stretching poolside!

He was enjoying walking around with 
his squeeze pack...

and loved making us chase him!

And this is us on the plan ride home! 
Don't you know the people around us were loving us!

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