Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hunter's first crush!

Hunter and a little girl named Marley couldn't
quit staring at each other this week at music!
She was trying to grab his hand!

He was okay with that! 

Are you talking to us?

Excuse me, I'm in the middle of something here!

Sunday Funday!

I have all these cute pics of my boys, but they
are naked in all of them! I had to make at 
least one appropriate for the blog!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty soon he'll be drinking coffee!

Who is this kid? He told me he needed
to "save"!

He's even got down all the angles!

Don't forget the chin!

And now a little light reading! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hunter Austin is 11 Months!

You talking to me?

Oh hi, yes I am 11 months old today!

And I asked my big brother to come sit with me!

Actually, Ill sit in my comfy chair!

Oh, got to go! 

Try to catch me if you can!

So proud!

This is a new many faces Hunter Austin!
You are such a happy, funny, into everything, cuddly baby boy
and we love you with all of our heart!! 

Happy Father's Day!!

I got to see my awesome Dad on saturday!!
We had a wonderful family lunch!

And on Sunday, Easton and Hunter gave their Daddy a few

And we even took him golfing!!
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men
in our lives!! WE love you all!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cabo Wabo Part 2!

Making the boys first sand castle!

They were such good helpers!


Easton checking out the big waves! 

Tanner and all his boys!

Hunter loved all the fruity drink straws!

At breakfast at Cabo Del Sol!

Mah and all her boys, minus Easton. Easton did 
not want to participate in family pics!!

This was Easton when we said family pic time!! 

Our view from dinner!

Attempting a family pic...

LOL Love this!

And look how nice and cooperative the Baize
boys are!! 

Sister in law time!

Easton and Hunter dancing in the street!

Check out these moves!

The last night watching a beautiful sunset!

I love these pics..

and all these boys!

Running into the waves with Dad!

Easton loved the waves, just not the BIG ones!

On our  boat ride with Poppy!

Aunt Tobi and Mom protecting Easton!

So proud of his new hat!

Mommy and her boys!

Daddy and his boys!

Tobi and her boys!

Uncle Brian with Easton and Jaxon!

CABO 2014!

We had such a great time and can't thank Mah and Poppy
enough for taking us on such a wonderful trip!!
We love you both so much and we can't wait until
Cabo 2016!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cabo Wabo Part 1! (in absolutely no order!)

On the way to the airport! 

Easton was so excited to see his big cousins!! 

At the golf course trying to take a selfie! 
Next time we will smile!

Getting ready for dinner...all the cousins!

Hunter and his sucker! 

Easton & Mah waving at us during take off!

Hunter passed out! 

But when we got there he and Easton
were full of kisses! 

Aunt Tobi and Hunter at dinner!

All the guys golfing! 

On our way to the beach! 

Heading out for the day! 

About to go to dinner!

Easton loved the mariachi guys!

Jaxon, Brado, Tobi and Brian!

Hunter's first time touching the sand!!

Checking out everyone on the beach!

First boat ride for Hunter...

And Easton!! 

This is how Easton looked most of the time,
he loves his goggles!

Hunter stretching poolside!

He was enjoying walking around with 
his squeeze pack...

and loved making us chase him!

And this is us on the plan ride home! 
Don't you know the people around us were loving us!