Thursday, May 29, 2014


Easton and Hunter are loving getting to see all
his friends lately! Having lunch 
with our buddy Cal!

Tara and Hunter! 

All the boys swinging! 

Memorial Day pics!

It started out as a rainy weekend...

Easton doesn't mind, since he loves
dressing for the part!


But on Sunday and Monday we headed to the pool! 

 I think I need to buy E a pair!

My cute boys! 

And on Tuesday, the Bailey boys came over to play!
We had such a fun time watching all 4 boys!

School is out!

Easton showing off his first pair
of flip flops. He needed to put on his hat
and glasses too!

Construction worker! 

He told me I HAD to wear the hat and vest.
I was the ONLY mom dressed like this at
the museum!

Checking out the tarantulas! 

Hunter thinking about wrestling Easton! 

My precious baby boy on his bike ride! Showing me those
kissable lips! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

From my two FAVORITE BOYS!!! 

Fun Day with The Yudizky's

All the boys playing air hockey!

Go Hunter! These boys aren't too big for me!

Shea and Easton in the top bunk!

Easton and Layne posing! 

Me and Kev checking out their new house!

I miss this girl!!! 

Isn't this how everyone takes a nap?

Easton's Last Day of School!

We have had such a great year with Ms. Joan!

Being silly with his favorite teacher!

Grand got to come party with us on the last day!

Trying to get kisses but more interested in 
the cookie!

Family Week!

Making muffins with Grand!

Focusing hard!

Good Job, baby!

Hunter and Uncle Bret "cuddling"!

These two are perfect for each other!

Cheers! Having mambo taxi's with Mah!
Hunter thought he needed a taste!

And Easton and Poppy! Cheers!

We had such a fun week seeing our family while 
Dad was away!
Thank you Grand and Mah for all of your help!! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Where's my baby?!

I was trying to capture him walking, pausing and
clapping b/c its so funny! Easton said this will do! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beautiful afternoon!

The boys and I went to sundance square and 
watched/played in the water fountains! 

Hunter was happy happy having his snack! 

Then Dad met us for dinner at Taco Diner!
The boys were so excited to see him! 

My handsome three!

Having "adult" conversation as Easton says! 

I've got some work to do!

Easton has to wear his helmet sometimes
when there is work to do!! 

Hunter is 10 Months Old!!!

Hi Mom! 

I'd rather stand for this, thanks! 

Hooray for being 10 Months!

My happy boy!!

High five??

My sweet sweet boy!!

How about one in my chair?

Ok, I'm done with this for today!! 

I really cannot believe my "baby" is getting so big!
You make us so proud, Hunter Austin!
You are walking all over the place and 
the best part is when you stop in the middle
and clap for yourself!! We love you so much baby boy!!!