Monday, April 21, 2014

Hoppy Easter!!

Easton posing in his "cool" shirt!

My 1st attempt at my mom's famous bunny cake!

The boys playing before the hunt!

Hunter's new face! He loves scrunching up
his nose and showing his new teeth!

Love this one! 

At the Easter carnival! 

Getting ready for the hun...

Hunter not sure what is going on!

Ready Dad??

Here we go!! 

We posed for pics in the backyard!
Family time!

My boys!

Easton was done with picture taking!

How's this Mom?

Easton didn't want anymore pics, but
Hunter was ready!! 


This is our typical face right now...trying to run off!
Doesn't he look like he's going to get into trouble!??

Back to the hunt! 

My big boy working hard!

Hunter found a nice shade tree!

Counting our eggs!

Still going!

Hunter was worn out! 

Bret and Linsday are expecting their first baby!
A little girl in the fall! Posing with their new 
dog Rampage! Family of 4, coming up! 

Hunt number 2! 

Here comes Easton!

Here we go again!

Doing good big boy! 

Hunter in the background looking at this big bro! 

Found one!

We had to stop and eat after each egg! 

Hunter prefers sitting and letting the eggs come to him! 

So into the basket!

Ooh, there's more! 

One more Mom! 

Oh wow, whats this?

More surprises! 

Back to the first pics are a little out of order :)

Easton looking at the petting zoo. We didn't want
to go in this year! 

But we did want to go down the slide!!! 

My sweet tulips from my hubby!! 

Love this pic of Rampage, Doll and Hunter!
What a Happy Easter filled with lots of fun, family
and friends!! 

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