Monday, March 31, 2014

Never know what this little one is going to do!

Sometimes the box is more fun! 

I snapped a shot right after I turned off the camera!


                                                               And he was happy he did it all by himself!

Loving this weather!

Having fun with Dad, headed to the park!

And then the zoo!! 

Looking at the baby elephant!

Hunter didn't know what to think! 

Easton was loving it! 

Trying to climb the fence! 

White tiger!

And of course, had to head to the golf course!
Hunter found the flag and wouldn't let go! 

Doing some sort of work out move 
that I'm sure his dad taught him! 

Family selfie! 

And dinner with Annabelle and her parents :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a fun week!

Love this pic of my boys! Easton hitting 
the ball as Hunter watches! 

Mah came to visit us for a few days! 
We had so much fun! 

Having some serious conversations!!

Just a normal outfit for Easton these days! 

And then our cousin Amber came to visit us all the
way from NY! 

Hunter's turn to wear (HIS) hat! 

And of course, we had to make
a trip to the flight deck! 

Grand and Hunter chillaxin'!

Amber and Easton had a blast together! 

Family pic! 

Doll and Easton playing dodge ball! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hunter's 6 Month Pictures!

We had a great time doing these pictures for 
Hunter's 6 months! I'm just 2 months behind on posting 
them :)

Easton is 2 1/2 !!

When I told him he was 2 1/2 he asked me
where his cake was?? So I said, how about a 
cupcake? And a cookie, he said!

Easton's first set of golf clubs and he is loving them!!

I stole this idea from Jill after seeing her interview
with Piper! And yes, it is going to be so much fun to 
look back at these!! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

And.... Grandad wins!!

Biggest catch, but Easton's was a close 2nd!! 


We had such a great few days of fishing, I had to create a 
separate post! Easton had the time of his life!
First time really fishing! 

Moved over to the little pond...


Easton showing mom how to fish!

And bam!! Easton caught his first fish!
Here is a picture of him reeling it in! 


He was so excited and shocked! 

The next day he had to show Dad how to do it! 
He caught another one! 

So proud! 

And look at mom's measly little fish! 

Then Dad had to show me up!! 

Look at Eastons face!!!

So impressed! 

Love this pic of my boys!! 

My fisherman!

Hunter was loving watching his brother! 

More I had on another camera! Love this shot! 

This was right after Easton's first fish, it was mayhem on the 
dock for him! 

Grandad letting him touch it! 

So proud! 

My little (big) boys very first fish!!!