Thursday, February 27, 2014

School Days!

Are fun b/c we get to dress up!! 
My cutie pies! 

Bath time fun!

Baby boy got upgraded to a bigger tub this week! 
I think he might like it??

Easton is not sure about sharing (more than
half his tub) though! I love his vogue poses
while washing his hair! 

Vogue Vogue Vogue

Love you boys! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

My boys!!

What a great week of weather it was, LAST WEEK!
Riding on the golf cart!

Wearing their hats backwards!

Mr. Cool


What it's like trying to get a pic of all three!! HAHA

Like Father, Like Son!

I love this pic of my boys wearing their
matching converses!

What a Fun night!

We caught Hunter on camera tonight pulling up!
Good job baby! 

And we also learned how ticklish he is!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hunter is 7 Months Old!!

My happy 7 month old! 

Still clapping! Lol

Very interested in his mobile! 

Hi Mom! I'm such a big boy! 

I really like this's just my size! 

My happy happy baby!!
I know I say this every month, but seriously where is
 time going?! You are the sweetest and happiest baby! 
You are clapping, you found your tongue, you are moving
all over the place trying to catch your big brother! WE love you
so very much Hunter Austin!! 


Hunter is loving toclap, especially when I sing it like
the shake, shake shake song! So proud of our big boy!! 

And he is enjoying cruising around the furniture!
But we can't turn around at let go just yet big boy!! 
May try for some better footage once dad gets home and 
can assist!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hunter on the move part III

We keep finding Hunter in interesting places...
Doing a push up?

Hey mom this looks fun!

Another push up at gym class! 

Oh trying to get the alarm clock?!

Headed for the lamp!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Our sweet boys artwork from school! 

And what they woke up to this morning!! 

What Mom got to wake up to!

From my sweet hubby!!

Hunter and I chatting it up after dinner! 

Sweet kisses from my big boy!! 

Valentine cookies!

Boy did we have fun decorating valentine cookies!

Lot's of sprinkles!!

Being silly eating the icing!! 

Good job big boy!

This job deserves a thumbs up!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life of a superhero!

I spy Easton!

Just a typical afternoon! 

Don't forget to add the WWF belt! 

Snack time, it's not easy out there for a 

My little hunter...well Easton, you know what I mean!

Easton told me he was watching for birds and/or
squirrels as I was getting ready this morning.
(Hunter was napping or I'm sure he would 
have been right beside him)!

Priceless pictures...

My big boy holding my hand as he whispered
"don't let go"! 

And my little boy...

Ok, he might be more interested my ring!
But I still love seeing his little hand!! 

Hunter found his tongue!

This is for you Papaw!! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

My big boys!

How is my baby big enough for food (pureed) but still!?

And my 2 yr old drinking coffee (aka water) in
his cool cup?!

So funny! But seriously, where are my babies?!

Snow Day!

Last Thursday we had an awesome snow day!
Easton was loving it, Hunter did not know what to think!

Daddy and Hunter!

Hunter is our little love Daddy lots
of lovin!

Fun with Friends!

Alice came all the way from Nebraska to see
her Texas friends!

Alice, Easton and Jimmy posing with their "stuff"!

Eating a very chocolaty cake ball!

On Sunday we visited our friends Myla and Jaxon!

Hunter had a blast entertaining them!

All the kiddos having fun!