Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas in Perryton!

Easton getting ready to brave the snow!

It was sooo cold! Easton was loving it!

Hunter was just chillin with his new shades!

Tanner, Jaxon, Braden & Easton

Say cheese!

I see some similarity in these dance moves!!

Me and Jaxon on Christmas Eve

Did someone say Santa came?? Not
sure Easton is buying it!

Okay, maybe he did!

New binocular's and headphones?!?

And a new car for Hunter!

Such a cutie!

Easton loves his new chopper!
Hunter got hot opening all his presents!

Baking "kolaches" with Mah!

Papaw had a hat the perfect size for Hunter!

Easton hanging out with his friend Brooks!

Driving his big truck in the snow!

Easton got to go out and watch the boys hunt!
Having lunch!

Making snow balls!

So much fun with all the boys!
What a wonderful Christmas! We had so much fun
with everyone. Thank you all so very much...we are
so very blessed!

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