Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas in Athens!

Starting off our trip with a cat nap at lunch...

B/c Danielle came in to see us for the weekend!!

Got to safari just in time to watch the zebras having dinner!
And to play with Houston and Jaxson!

Hunter opening his first gift on "Christmas eve"!
I think Easton liked this gift?
And this one?

Our little elf!

Putting out the cookies for Santa...and Easton
started eating them!

He thought it was hilarious and posed for us!

How about a dance!?

Hunter was very excited about Santa coming...

I guess I was too!!

Okay, time for bed!

Now the adults can play!
Love my Mom and Dad!

And love this pic of Tanner and Doll!

Christmas morning...and his drum set!

and running to see what else!!

OMG a trampoline! What fun!

Hunter was quite content with Clifford :)
What a fun Christmas!! WE love our families
so much and thank you so much for everything you do
for us! Merry Christmas to all!

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