Thursday, December 19, 2013

Easton's first selfie...kind of!

This is what happens when you give a 2 yr old 
your phone, alone, in the car!

Christmas time in the city...

We took the boys downtown Fort Worth to see
the BIG Christmas tree! 

Sitting under the candy tree!

Dad and Easton

Hunter liked the gingerbread house!
What a fun night with our little family!

Corner office!

I couldn't find Easton...and this is where he was!

In the office, with his laptop..working! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa came to town!

The boys were so excited to see Santa! Easton gave
him a high five and couldn't
 quit talking to him.
THEN we sat him on his lap and he was NOT
so sure (love the look on his face)! 
Pretty sure Hunter was trying to escape too!! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hunter Austin is 5 months old!!

How is this possible baby boy!?!?
You look so handsome in your outfit to go see Santa!

Smiling for the camera!

And big brother always wants to join (you're such a good sport).
We are so proud of you Hunter! You are such a happy baby!
You are sleeping so good and trying to sit up on your own.
We are so excited to experience our first Christmas with you.
We love you so much!!

Weekend Fun!

I think they like their santa hats??

Playing a little guitar with dad!

Easton rather spend his time at the mall
in the food court, eating samples! 

The boys taking a break at the coffee stand! 

Cookie baking AND decorating!

WE had so much fun baking cookies this weekend!!
Easton was a pro at rolling out and cutting the cookie dough!

Smile for Dad!

Merry Christmas!!

Waiting patiently...

Then we made the icing and started decorating!

Lookin good!

And yes, each cookie was sampled by this cute
little boy!! Way to go baby! Next year, you'll
be able to teach Hunter!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting into the Christmas spirit!!

Easton loves his Aunt Lindsay and
her BIG tree!

Hi Hunter! Telling mom all about it!

This is how Hunter gives kisses, both hands on your face!!

And Easton is too cool

THE WHOLE TIME! He would not
take the glasses off!!

Wunch date!


It's really exhausting making all these toys!

Dinner at the club and the BIG
Christmas tree!

Dad is proud!!

Easton starting shooting his bow during the
ice storm! Thank you Doll for the coolest gift ever!!
Taking his first shot!

And today...he shot his first bull's-eye!!!
Way to go baby!! Just like dad!!

Monday, December 9, 2013


All this ice put us in the Christmas spirti!

Our home before...


Easton wanted to build a snowman but it wouldn't stick!

Kisses coming in from the cold!

Packing ice balls!

Hunter got to spend alot of time inside!

Playing some holiday tunes!

And after! Will it ever melt!?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

TCU Christmas Tree Lighting!!

We took Easton and Hunter to see
the TCU tree lighting! It was so much fun!

Getting ready for the fireworks!

And we even got to see a reindeer!


We had so much fun in Athens over Thanksgiving!
The boys hanging out while the girls cooked!

Aunt Lindsay, Easton and Fudge having fun!

Hunter's first Thanksgiving!! 

He wanted to stay in his pjs all day!

Hunter and Micah!

Easton telling Mary Claire and Grand
ALL about it! 

Sword fighting instead of eating!

Family dinner time!

Being silly with MC!


Hunter visiting Aunt Tara and Grand and Levi!

Using the girls blowdryer and round brush to do
Grands hair! LOL

Aunt Heather and Levi!

Alice and Easton discussing the days events!

Hunter's best bud and his mommy!

Dad and Easton looking at the fish!

Easton trying to burn off his thanksgiving dinner!

Hunter was excited about his new outfit!

Easton was contemplating the nights events! 

So hard to get everyone still for a pic so here's one with
Easton eating breakfast (again)!

And of course the holidays wouldn't be complete
without a little dancing with our new dancing zebra!
Thank you Aunt Patsy and Aunt Vicki!