Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Family pic with Granny and Papaw! As you can see,
Easton was really into it!

Heading to the game wearing our cool shirts!

Watching the game with Braden and Jaxon!


Hunter was napping during this pic!

My last name and proud of it!

Yes sir, we are a house divided!

Hunter was just exhuasted from the game! Lovin on Mah!

Cousin Kinsley hugging on Hunter!

Sitting with Dad!

Hi big boy!

Chillin with Granny!

Family pic..but Hunter was napping again!

Easton fell asleep towards the end of the
game in Dad's lap. Both boys were exhausted from
all the excitement!

And a little fishing to end our fun weekend!
I will not post the score, but TCU lost again this
year!! Come on frogs!! Maybe next year!!

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